Rapid battery drain

I have experienced that the battery power decreases rapidly even when the device is powered off.
I took less than 3 days after reloading, without usage, that the device battery got flat (0%) again.

Same for mine,
Still better than an iPhone though. :joy:

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Hi Cyrus100,

We’re actively working to optimize battery usage. Our development team has done a fairly impressive study into power usage of the device and we’re currently working through those findings to come up with a good plan of attack. Updates to usage will require an over the air firmware update, not a hardware update so, please bear with us while we get through this work.



Good to hear, have the same issue. One day was fine, powered off, just lost 3-4 %. Then one further night: 0%

I use a mobile power bank… when I’m not in the plane, my dekunu is on the power bank.
Everytime Full Batterie at jumping…

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I think it is not only the battery usage itself in general. A few moments ago I switched on my Dekunu. It showed “low power” and turned off itself. I connected it to a power supply, startet again. Once it was up an running I went to the menu diagnostics --> battery: It showed “0%”. After about two more seconds it jumped straight away to “58%”.
So it is not simply USING the battery, but the software interpreting the battery status and the software reaction on it. Of course you will be a bit afraid, if the power unit itself has more than 50%, but the system tells you it is empty. As you cannot know if there is a difference between physical condition of the battery and the displayed status of it. As in the end, if the software “thinks” it is empty, the device will act accordingly to this missinterpretation.