New user questions about device and cloud

Hi Dekunu Team!

I have a device quite recently, only 3 jumps with it and the first questions. Immediately I apologize for my English, it is not perfect. I also ask you to forgive if the questions that I will ask are already in the discussions, I tried to get acquainted with most of the topics created.


  1. why can’t I add an aircraft type to the jump logs? When you click “save”, a red bar appears at the top of the page and the data is not saved.

sorry cant attach image, cuz iam new user

  1. Do I understand correctly - there is a dropzone cordinan in the cloud and a separate coordinate of the landing zone. How to set the landing zone for a specific drop zone?

sorry cant attach image, cuz iam new user


  1. I saw a discussion about adding a dropzone direction arrow in capony mode and you are planning to add this feature. Is it so? Are you planning to add deletion information to the drop zone? In capony mode.

  2. Are you planning to add the next feature - the ability to manually set the desired landing point for a specific jump? This is relevant if the jumps take place in a drop zone that is not in the database or even outside of it.

  3. Are you planning to allow the user to choose the color for the range of heights in free fall mode?

  4. The climb mode calculates the estimated time to climb, but how does the dekunu know what height we are going to climb? 2500? 3000? 4000? (м.)

Thank you very much - I will be grateful for the answers.
With BEst regards!

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I have also had the exact same issue with adding aircraft to my jump log. I reported the issue but support wasn’t able to identify the source of the problem.

I’ll try to answer some of your questions :smiley:

Cloud 2 - Dropzone Landing Area Update - User Input this thread is where you can request landing areas to be added to the cloud for your dropzone

Device 1 - Yes, it’s coming. It needs some more work though.

Device 2 - Yes, I believe that’s on the developer list

Device 3 - I’m not sure if that’s on the request list as of yet, but you can request it here 🤓 List of Feature Requests

Device 4 - The time to height works off the exit altitude of your most recent jump

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thx a lot for answer!