Dropzone Landing Area Update - User Input

Hey guys,
Please leave details of your dropzone landing areas here, either GPS coordinates or a photo like the one attached labelling the different types of landing area. These will be entered onto the Cloud. Thanks.


Please change the DZ telephone number for Dropzone #429 (Fallschirmsport Skyfun / Skydive-binz). I gave you the wrong number, sorry for that. The correct number is the following:
+49 (0) 163 7800 400

Sorry for the confusion. GPS coordinates are still valid.

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Here’s the images for the two Taupo dropzones, GPS centrepoints are:

Skydive Taupo - Lat / Long: -38.7410782,176.0771898

Taupo Tandem Skydiving - Lat / Long: -38.742775, 176.080771

Love your work!

Done, thanks :blush:

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@joedyson Both landing areas have been added Joe :blush:

@tracy thank you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hi Tracy, please change the Adress for Germany - FSV Hannover e.V. (Meido) GPS coordinates are 52.71282, 9.87299 - Landing area is the yellow sector. Thank you!

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Hi @Sohny - i’ve updated the dropzone lat/lon and added the landing area for you


Info on my DZ was way off.

Fallskärmsklubben Dala
60.429605, 15.489292

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Hi tracy,
can you and this landing area,
Skydive Parachute Center
38.199390, -121.264899
thank you

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@caldor78 and @christianbicker both added, thank you!

Hi Dekunu people!
I truly admire the work you’re doing, I jumped with my new One today the first time!!! (yes beers are on me). OK, back to the case, DZ Utti (Finland) info, Coordinates: 60°53′47″N 026°56′17″E

Where the green is for swoopers, blue for everybody and the orange for the club house.

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@kaami26 All updated for you :slight_smile:

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Skydive Dubai - The Palm Dropzone as well as the surrounding area attached. Hope this helps.

This is an image of the DZ landing area. The area to the right of the pond is also a designated emergency landing area for funjumpers.

This is an image of the area surrounding the DZ with all the designated emergency landing areas in-case funjumpers can’t make it back to the DZ.


@Smallz all added for you :smile:

Hi guys,

Please can you update landing areas for Ground Rush Adventures - Namibia. They are way off!

Senior Landing Area - (-22.563897, 14.576369)
Junior/Student Area - (-22.563558, 14.575237)

Thanx guys!

Nzone Skydive Queenstown

-45.085730774159074 , 168.74884128820554

@Skydave238 I have amended this DZ, pretty sure it is correct but I had difficulty finding the DZ, take a look and if it needs changing again, let me know :slight_smile:

@samcnz Added for you :slight_smile: