πŸ”” 🐞 Device Firmware Release - v3.3.2 (2018-04-09)


  • bug fix: Screen freeze when changing dropzone
  • 12/24 hour time fixes
  • lots of timezone fixes
  • distance for change dropzone popup message fixed
  • power button timing changes
  • jump log upload fixes
  • automatic firmware update page fix

This update requires some manual input

  1. Download the latest firmware file to your computer https://dekunu.info/fw_v3_3_2
  2. Place your device into USB mode (Menu > Settings > Settings page 2 > USB MODE)
  3. Plug your device into your computer
    a. This will turn your device into an attached storage drive
    b. A folder should popup with the device file contents
  4. Copy the downloaded firmware file to the root directory of your device
  5. Safely Eject the device from your computer
  6. Your device should now restart and install the latest firmware


  • Jump Log counter not being updated
  • new wind speed measurement (m/s) not updated in all locations
  • small daylight saving time issue
  • sometimes device wont automatically reconnect to wifi after a jump
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Hi Brent,

Thx for the tutorial. I don’t have my device yet, expect it this week - but I am a completely noob with computers + software. With such a line as I quoted, I am going to doubt and doubt and doubt if I have putted the file in the correct place.

So, what do you mean, just drop it at the 'highest" level of the β€œtree” I can drop it? A picture with the correct place would be nice for a noob as me. :grinning:

I was also thinking. This information is only on this forum. But a lot of people won’t read everything. Maybe it would be nice to make a page somewhere with all the manual software updates or make a group e-mail so people are aware of it?

Hi @stirre - lucky for you, you won’t need to take these steps as your device will automatically update to the latest version in the activation process. We have sent an email out this evening to all device owners who have already been through the activation process and need to do this manually.

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Thanks @brent,

did the update right now. Time seems to look fine, waiting if 24h works as well. However my screen still freezes when I want to change the DZ.
Further more my three jumps of yesterday disappeared from the device.

Fix one bug, find another. Thanks to one of our Explorers we have found the cause of some more dropzone change freezing issues. :roll_eyes: This is caused by some latitude or longitude values containing too many decimal places… yep. This excess precision is only in around 20% of the dropzones which is why most people have found success with the v3.3.2 update. We’re not leaving here until we’ve resolved it. Stay tuned for v3.3.3 in the next couple of hours.


thanks for the extra mile team!


So I havent tried this update yet but will tonight. After a reset, My device freezes immediately after it gets to the main screen… At which point I can’t access any type of menu. The instructions for updating the firmware say to put the device in USB mode. How do I do this if its frozen?

Hi @Brent , I just did the update, my jumps disappeared from the log book as well, and the weather is not working… :upside_down_face:

Hi @brent

Similar story Im afraid, downloaded and installed update ok.

I still cannot select a drop zone as the list on the device is only a partial list. My sync on login doesnt pick up my cloud defaults either (although the sync on login says it does)
My log book has been replaced, I had about 5 dodgy entries of which one was actual, i marked it as flat … other jumps were spurious and my journey to the DZ.
Now I have 2 logs dated 7th that just contain rubbish data
Weather not working either.

Cheers Brent keep up the good work :wink:

v3.3.3 is released https://dekunu.info/2H9JoTX

Please try downloading this new firmware and trying again. Note: Please make sure the filename is called exactly dekunufw_v11_1.unu or else it will not install. Sometimes when you have downloaded a file of the same name previously it will add a bracketed number to the filename. If so, simply delete the old file and rename the latest downloaded one.

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Updated to v3.3.3 and whether I do or don’t have a GPS fix I can manually select any of the listed DZs (which still includes some extra DZs I’ve never heard of but whatever) and it doesn’t freeze. When the auto change DZ prompt pops up selecting yes took me to the DZ list and let me change it with no freezing. The time is the correct daylight savings time so far. The jump log data still looks jumbled but things are looking up :slight_smile:


Same result with mine. Thanks for the effort! Looks good!

Only one comment for the sake of completeness: I recognized that the time setting was back to 12h instead of 24h. But I do not know if this was directly after the FW update or after switching the user (as an attempt to download emergency contacts from the cloud). But I could easily change it back with the setting section and everything is fine again.

i try to download the v3.3.3 over the firmupdate functon of the the dekunu. But my device say there is no new fw and the v3.3.2 is the actual.

How can i install the v3.3.3 over the usb mode? IΒ΄m not so super in these it things. IΒ΄m just a normal user. So i would need an explaination how to install the v3.3.3 when it is not function to install it over the firmwareupdate function.

Many thanks.


Am I correct in assuming this FW update recommended for all users, despite experiencing the errors or not?

Hi Christian @Tamagotchi ,

please follow this way:

Connect your ONE to a computer, Mac, whatever via USB

Press the button marked with (1)

Press the button marked with (2)

Press the button marked with (3)

Press the button marked with (4)

Press the button marked with (5)

Your ONE will now reboot and will remain on the following screen:

On your computer enter the β€œexplorer” on Windows systems or the β€œfinder” on a MAC. You will notice a new volume. The following screenshot is from a MAC, but this is not relevant, as the content shown is exactly the same on a Windows computer:


Download the latest Firmware by using the above mentioned link:

Save the file named β€œdekunufw_v11_1.unu” on your computer and move it into the new volume into the root directory, NOT in any of the appeared new folders.

Now safely remove the USB volume by using a right mouse click on your computer (if your setting is in german, it should say β€œauswerfen”). Now the ONE will reboot automatically and will download the newest versions on itself and everything will be fine.


Many thanks!

It works fine!


After a bit testing I see the time issue is just related to the user switch and has nothing to do with the new FW release.

See also:

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Hi @brent
The later patch has resolved my dropzone/pla selection problems, The weather is working and from the correct locale

Issues: Jumps still scrambled, showing #1 on the main screen the log shows 2 jumps, #0 (complete twaddle) and #2, also rubbish data, neither correlate to the cloud log entries of which no 2 is valid (marked flat) the other two and the corresponding landing circle icons on the cloud homepage are rubbish. Updated contact info doesnt sync to the device, battery life questionable :slight_smile:

If you could tidy that up for me ill have nothing to report until I jump some more :slight_smile:

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Hi, Thanks for the info, but where did you get the updates? So the Firmware??