WiFi cycles and dorsn’t connect reliably

My WiFi connection cycles between connecting, inactive & no AP available. Been happening for a few weeks and I now have a backlog of jumps to upload and it kinda turns a smart alti into a dumb brick.

Any ideas?



Hey @Evilgenius,
Thanks for reporting, please check your inbox for an email in the next 5-10mins :slight_smile:

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I’m also having this issue. Have managed to persevere but it takes an hour to upload a days worth of jumps.

Steve who is here at SDC with me on unlimited has over 130 jumps waiting to upload - the WIFI is slow and due to this issue he cannot upload any jumps.


Yup that sounds about right, spent a hour trying to get it to connect and it occasionally works. Got through one out of 37 jumps to be uploaded. Losing the will to live right now.

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+1. Looks like Gem has had this issue for a while. Same for me.

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I am having the same issue, is there a fix? I find that it happens between each jump upload.

I find the quickest way is to restart between each upload, I know you should not have to but it beats trying to force connect to wifi

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Hey Guys, just a quick update for you. A lot of work has been thrown into wifi reliability and the next firmware update will have some major improvements (yay!)
No ETA on the public rollout yet but testing is underway so it shouldn’t be too far off :crossed_fingers:


I am having the same problem inlatest Firmware 7.0.12

I just Update my device to the latest FW ver 7.0.12 today.

Then I have trouble with Wifi connection.

Scanning function is normal. But just cannot connect to AP and keep showing these message