Upload Logbook - don´t work 100%

Hey there a other issue is that i don´t know why the device don´t upload all of my jumps.
there is still 5 that the device don´t upload?

Normaly the device upload the jumps automaticly when it is connected to the internet or wifi.
But there are 5 - ! in the Logbook wich the device don´t upload anymore.

Maybe i do something wrong?

Hand the same proble. After the last firmware fix it’s ok.

I have it also, but still not fixed after the last FW update.

@Yoschi and @stirre
Assuming both of you have done the new firmware update? Can you see a red bubble with a number in it in the status bar of your device?

Indeed, the latest FW and no, no red bubble

But as I here (Log syncing problems) already explained, I have a few different syncing issue’s. To be clear: I did the latest FW update before.

Mine is not uploading a single jump since last update.

And it’s not recording all jumps.

Hi @timmmorell got your email to support, one of the techs is looking into it and you’ll receive a reply shortly.

Hey guys, so just a quick word on the issues you are experiencing, the last firmware update successfully fixed the battery issues but threw a couple of small bugs our way affecting log syncing and GPS. We are working to fix it, your logs should be corrected once we have a solution and have rolled out the next firmware update. Apologies for any frustration, hopefully it will not take too long.

To be clear, my log not syncing is not because of the latest FW update, because it exists already from 21/4.

I´ve got the red bubble with now 19 jumps in it wich don´t upload,…

i´m still waiting for the next update, and please add the option to add the right jump number :wink:

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@stirre Yes I am aware, thank you, hopefully we will have a fix soon.

@Yoschi Is 19 jumps the correct amount? They will upload, it will most likely be slowly when you have good wifi connection. Hopefully the solution will come soon so we can speed the process up

Has there been any other report of jumps not being recorded on the device?
Did 5 jumps,
3 logged and uploaded fine,
One logged and uploaded with no dated
And one is completely missing.

@mutley yes, it is a known bug courtesy of the last fw update, the developers are on the case. It would be handy if you could flag one of the jumps for review and mention you did 5 jumps that day if possible

Cheers, I think I may have done so in the one with no data, I can’t remember at the moment as I’m half asleep :joy:.

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I will test it and let the device upload it for some hours if iam back from work,…
But the device don´t upload the jumps in an hour, and thats are only a few MB´s,…

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@mutley I added some more info to your flagged jump, go get yourself a nice big mug of coffee :muscle:

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Hmmmmm coffee :yum: I’ve been on it all night shift, I think if I have anymore it’ll hit me and keep me awake all day while I need to be asleep :joy: