Device crashes \ locks up on selecting drop zone change.


  1. Pair the device with your phone or connect to a wireless network.
  2. Move inside to a location where the GPS isn’t able to lock to a satellite signal. You need zero satellites to be found.
  3. Change DZ or Landing Area.
  4. Move outside to signal area and continue.

Took me a while to figure this one out - but a lot of the device problems stem from using the GPS to identify where the device is. After being completely drained of power and inside a building with no GPS signal it reads as 0:00 until a GPS signal is locked onto. I figured that GPS may be a root cause of a few other problems :slight_smile:

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Cheers dude, I’ll give this a try when I can,
I Don’t think it’ll help my situation a hole lot though at the moment as my dz location is 240 mile off it’s true location, but fingers crossed these will be sorted by an update at some point.

Hi Mutley thanks for the link here…
Nice shout… limited success… I can change the drop zone when I have no GPS. However the updated DZ list only offers a limited list… it seems to stop at P.
On the bright side I selected London parachute school. Only 60 odd miles from Hinton, where i jump :grin: Getting closer…


Another option as a workaround, while we’re investigating, is to set your current dropzone on the portal (should be here: https://dekunu.cloud:8081/profile) and then log into your account on the device.

Please bear with us, we have work in progress to resolve the DZ lookup issue.


See Brent’s post for the firmware update :smile:

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