Switching on/off while placed in the wrist mount

Guys, I have two wrist mounts here and with both I am not able to power on/off. Without the mount no problem, but I cannot generate enough power on the button as the mount seems to “protect” it from being pressed down properly.
Anyone else with the issue?
I mean, I am not stupid … it’s just a button to press and the ONE is correctly in the housing.

Same, but I just use my log book pen to get in through the case to access it, only thing I’ve done is widen the hole for the charging port as the usb will not fit otherwise,

Honestly spoken … this is poor. Not the quality I expected at that price. A “smart” Alti which does even not show the correct time is not what I was waiting for. I understand bugs when launching a new product, but these are basics. Sorry to say.

I trust you guys will come up with some fixes soon. Otherwise I cannot understand why you are starting the second launch while knowing about so many issues. Still you can await my support here in reporting issues and experiences, but I am also a “customer” with some expectations.

Just my opinion.


Hi Agostino & Mutley,

I’d experienced similar with my case as well. I’ve found that the case tends to move around a little making it difficult to use the power button as well as the USB port. I’d pretty much accepted these issues as being early in the product lifecycle but, I can see that they’re frustrating. I’m not sure which version of the case/mount you both have but, this feedback is genuinely appreciated. If you could post a picture of hour your cases are sitting, we can look at addressing this problem going forward.

On the time and general bugs comment, you’re right, we really wanted to avoid such things and I can only say that, as a super small team of people, we really have been and continue to work super hard to resolve these issues. For a little clarity, I’d like to identify that the issues you’re seeing with TZ/time are actually not that difficult to fix. The issue is getting resources allocated and then pushing out a firmware update that will resolve these bugs. I don’t think of software issues as being terminal in a device that can be updated not only to resolve issues but also to add functionality. You can expect not only fixes but, additional functions to be delivered to your device.

Finally I’d like to thank you both very much for actively helping us make this a great product and tell you how much your patience is appreciated.



Hay Dan,
The difficulty with the power button I don’t think is too much of an issue as I think if it’s changed too much to make it easier, it could maybe make it too easy to inadvertently power the system down when you don’t want it to do so.

As for the USB port, I think if the opening in the rubber case was the same diameter as the usb plug housing it would allow a better connection that would allow it to be charged in the case, as it is, the case holds the plug back from making the connection fully to charge.

The only other thing I think would benefit from case modding would maybe allow access to the reset through the rubber case too.
It’s a pain taking it in and out just to gain access if the unit freezes ( hopefully this will be a thing of the past once updates are pushed out :wink:)

Cheers dude :metal:


Hey guys,

I will post a picture of my case today.

@mutley, I cannot imagine it is the right way to offer a reset opening through the case in order to make resets easier. The aim must be to avoid the necessity of resets. But if you like to have one, just make a whole by yourself.
For the USB port I am in line with you.
For the power button again I disagree. It won’t switch off by mistake, as for switching off you also have to confirm it on the screen. A rare chance to make that happen unwanted.

@dan, my support is still ensured. But the team needs to deliver. Looking at the common used way “publish often, publish early” at least from my side I would be happy to see one or two smaller updates fixing at least some minor issues rather than waiting too long time for a complete new release which due to the size might come up with a higher risk of further bugs. But again … this is only my personal opinion. No need to discuss it here.



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Hey Agostino,

Thanks for posting, you actually have the release version of the bumper, I’m still using the pre-release version so, we have different bumpers. :smiley:

I can see where that design would result in some issues. I’m ok with the power button being hard to press (IMO) but, the USB is going to be hard to use like that. cc. @brent

We’ll have a look at the issue internally. Thanks again for your patience.


I can live with this compromise … :wink:

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If I get the chance, I’ll send you a photo with what I’ve done to the usb hole to allow the usb housing to fit unimpeded.
Also if I remember too, :joy:

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Just recieved mine today. Along with the same issues being discussed in all these threads i removed the unit from wrist mount to charge and it pulled out the power and reset button :expressionless:

@Hollywood :persevere: could you please send an email to support@dekunu.tech with a pic?


I’ve done this to the case to allow unrestricted access to the usb, the new hole is just large enough for the usb housing to fit through so the plug can be pushed all the way in to make a solid connection for charging.


Did you just use a regular razor to cut that? I’m going to do the same to mine because I too can’t charge mine when its in the rubber case. I thought the unit was dead when it arrived because I couldn’t power it on while plugged in, then realized the case wasn’t letting the cable plug all the way in.

I also noticed it won’t charge when powered off, is that supposed to be normal? I had it plugged in all last night only to realize this morning it won’t charge unless it’s powered on. That seems weird, and hopefully can be corrected in a future update.

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Yes, I just used a sharp craft knife and a brace underneath,

@Tracy I had the same issue as @Hollywood…I took it out of the mount maybe 2 or 3 times and the power button came out. I did however manage to get it back in.

Also, to prevent this from happening again, I did something similar as @mutley… although mine doesn’t look as clean… at least now I can charge it without having to take it out of the mount

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I had a similar issue with the power \ charging of mine.
If it was plugged into a high amp output (2.1A) that was usually enough to trigger the device to start and charge. A lower 1.0A or less didn’t seem to be quite sufficient - so sticking it on a computer USB for charging didn’t work for me at all.

I also had to plug it in to the 2.1A and then use the power button to turn the screen off. That seemed to let the device stay above the low power threshold for turning itself off. I had left it on until it powered off due to empty battery.

USB 2 has a 500mA output
USB 3 has a 900 mA output
Dedicated powerbanks and external chargers make use of the ability to supply significantly more power via their dumb ports (no data) and can, therefore, supply the extra power needed to get the unit up and running again.

Daft that it won’t charge when powered off tho!

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@SkydiveNow The device does charge when powered off, the LED does not light up though.


Potential problem located.
I plugged the device in, saw the power light was lit and left it to charge. Towards the end of the day I unplugged it, but the battery was stating 1% (SoC)

I decided to deplete it completely and start the charge process from the beginning… only it took most of the next morning to deplete it and get it to shut itself off showing “Low Power”

I suspect that there are scenarios where the device is charged but that the electronics don’t show it as charged.
The device lasted (with frequent interaction to keep the screen on) for 6 hours at empty.

Perhaps this is the issue that others are facing.
Software reading charge time and calculating battery life? Might not apply if the device is powered off?

I expect to have mine this weekend.
But does this mean it don’t last a jumping day at this moment?