Power button came loose

Hey guys,

The power button came loose on my device. Any tips on getting it back in the hole?

Mine did the same after I took the bumper off - I think I caught and ripped the thin material holding the rubber button section.
I just pressed it back in, and for now it’s working (ish)

Or do you mean the physical button on the PCB inside?

No the button on the outside. I tried to press it back in but without the bumper it keeps falling out.

Hey Arjen,

I had this happen with mine as well, actually. I’ll raise this internally. You should be able to get the rubber piece back in although, it’s pretty fiddly.

@Tracy - do we have instructions on putting the rubber power piece back in place?



Ahhh… Mine is still attached like a tooth hanging on by a thread…
It’s attached to the reset port, but broke away from the USB port. Any more pulling at it and I’ll end up in the same situation as you are in.
I feel your pain :grimacing:

Im interested in possible 3D printing some longer buttons to work with the bumper case…How difficult is it to open and reassemble. Im fairly handy and have replaced many a phone screen so I have a bunch of plastic prying tools

Mine came off as well. I just taped it back for now.

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@dan Standby I will see what I can rustle up.

@SkydiveNow @Arjen @lamantiin I have sent all of an email so we have a line of comms for this guys, thanks for getting in touch. Working on some instructions now for you.


I just received my Dekunu One and… the rubber button came off as soon as I took it out of the wrist mount. And I can’t put it back now… :confused:

I see many are having this problem here and I have two concerns: that the button will come off while flying and that it will keep coming off when charging, given I have to take One out of the rubber case because the USB doesn’t fit.

Any thought on this? Has that happened to anyone?

@ColOfAbRiX I will send you an email with some options.

Hi tracy !
Mine came off as well.

@christianbicker emailed you

Hey Tracy … same problem with power buttom

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@kiki I will send you an email

Okay Tracy … thanks

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Hi Tracy

Mine’s off too. Lasted for all of 5 mins.

Yep, my button came off within 5 mins of me getting the unit.

And the charger cable won’t seat properly unless I remove the unit from the wrist mount.


@Felix emailed you, thanks for letting us know

Power button came off too because of having to remove the wrist mount to charge the unit :frowning: