New wristbands?

When are those new wristband designs coming out?
I got snagged reaching for a seatbelt and noticed the whole thing was gone before we reached altitude. Unfortunately, I’m not spending $$$ on a mount that has the same liabilities, so no data from me until then. :frowning:

HI Victor
The new wrist mounts are in development right now, Im not too sure when they will be ready though.

In the mean time, drop an email and they should be able to assist you with this.

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… and another one!
Had the same issue and I’m hearing “they’re developing a new one right now” since over a year :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I’m slowly starting to think that this is just an excuse, so more and more people lose their 400$ dekunu and have to buy a new one.

To anyone out there who has a 3D printed hard housing or whatever housing, please share :pray:.

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Here’s the thread


Hey guys, new wristmounts are expected to land by the end of this month. You will receive an email with info very soon. Please note if you do choose to 3D print your own or use any non-Dekunu mounts the warranty on any damage or loss of your device will be voided. If you have a broken wrist mount and purchased directly through Dekunu, send an email to to see what your options are for a replacement. If you purchased through a dealer/retailer please contact them directly. :slight_smile:


Hi Tracy, will everyone in the community get the email or just those who have had issues with their mounts?

@Mouse Everyone will get the email, device users and anyone signed up to our mailing list :slight_smile:


@Tracy Do you know when will the new wristbands will be released? Like a rough time frame possibly?

@Ryan_Roque I am expecting the first batch to be here in the next couple of weeks and to be fully stocked a couple of weeks after that :slight_smile:

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So I’ve used my dekunu for the grand total of 3 jumps and already I have noticed the original arm band showing signs of it starting to rip and tear, is there any update on the new wrist bands??

@Mouse we experienced a delay due to a combo of covid and a manufacturing problem (which is why I hate giving people an ETA haha) but we expect to be fully stocked in the new year. An email will be sent to everyone with information in the next few weeks. I do have the expected date but honestly it couldn’t be tickle tortured out of me… I feel like everytime I mention an ETA we have a setback so no more jinxes. Check your inbox for an email re: your broken wrist mount in 5-10 mins :slight_smile:


If you guys are in the US and need mounts try The Ranch Pro Shop and talk to Donna or Sonic. I just got one there. They have OEM in stock. As well I have one that last one jump and tore across the entire bottom like the pic above. My first one lasted 200 jumps so overlal they are pretty realiable but this one that tore so quickly had me wondering. Look forward to version 2!!

I think you’ve missed the point of the thread, but sure - shill for the RPS.

An email has just been sent to all Dekunu users re: the updated wrist mounts, they are now available for pre-order, shipping will be commencing mid-January :blush: here is a link to the product in our online store

Placed an order… but would dekunu be willing to combine orders to the US for our dropzone? Since shipping price to the US is a bit in the expensive side. I have a few skydivers asking me since I’m sorta the dekunu guy for our dz.


Yes, definitely. Shipping from Aus to anywhere can be expensive, I created a thread so people can try to find others who want to share here

Is there a similar option for wingsuit mount?


Orders from Germany can be spread by me.
Send them to me, with the addresses, I will send them by Lokal transport service…




I’m down for group USA shipping. Lemme know. I’ll reach out to a few local Skydive Orange peeps to see if they want it.


I might recommend only picking up for your local DZ and close friends.

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