New Wrist Mounts - Shipping

Hey guys, as you are all aware Dekunu ships from Australia, shipping costs from here to pretty much any other country are +$50 aud. I have created this thread so you can post your location and the dropzones you usually jump at and find others who might want to share the postage costs.
Good luck :blush:


Hello Tracy,
If a few of us from the same dz have placed orders already is there a way to combine those orders on your end?


is it possible to merge orders that are already made in order to secure a spot in production, with a refund in shipping to those that created separate orders ? IE : 3 separate orders were placed, one order pays the shipping, and the others get refunded shipping totals? or will this create chaos?

The above user - JD is one of the folks from our DZ :slight_smile:


@FluffyBunnyz @jdkajewski - yeah I can do this for you guys, can you coordinate between you and just let me know the name or order number of the surviving order and the order numbers of the guys who will get shipping refunded?
Shoot the info through in an email to and I will take care of the rest :slight_smile:


This is what makes you the best!

Will coordinate with a few others who have placed orders and merge them all for the DZ. Thank you for a super fast response!


I’m willing to do a bulk shipment of 10 to Nashville, TN and mail them stateside for $25+ USPS Flat Rate Priority ($10). LMK if you are interested.

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So $35 shipping + the cost of the mount? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean? I’m happy to pay a fee for the hassle, but damn, $25 bucks is steep.

If anyone else is making an order, I’d be willing to kick you a few bucks + shipping if you let me piggyback on yours, otherwise imma just print my own when my current ones break.

@Josh maybe post your location here and see if you can combo your orders with someone nearby. Wrist mounts will go back up to $49 on January 10th, they are half price until then :slight_smile:

@FluffyBunnyz Sent you an email with a code for anyone else who wants to combo with your shipping :slight_smile:


No, sorry I wasn’t more clear. I meant $25 for the mount (The AU$ to US$ conversion is $19) and shipping from AU is ~ $55USD/10 is $5-6 plus $10 for flat rate USPS priority to most places. That should cover costs to get them shipped here and then to you.

I’d be happy to pay someone stateside $35 and skip the hassle. Just trying to help and avoid paying $55 USD shipping for one as I don’t think we have many here in TN to split shipping costs.

Sinceramente non trovo corretto farci pagare per la sostituzione di un prodotto evidetentemente difettoso.
Ho comprato il mio dekunu in Agosto 2019 (speso 600 AU + tasse italiane), in luglio 2020 (11 mesi dopo) ho dovuto spendere 45 AU per farmi spedire un supporto di ricambio, ed ora che siamo a dicembre 2020(5 mesi) dovrei spendere altri 85 AU (se lo compro entro gennaio, altrimenti 110) + le tasse italiane…
in pratica, in 16 mesi arriverei ad una spesa totale di oltre 730 AU… il tutto per un prodotto che ad oggi non è pienamente funzionante.

I honestly don’t find it fair to charge us for the replacement of an obviously defective product.
I bought my dekunu in August 2019 (spent 600 AU + Italian taxes), in July 2020 (11 months later) I had to spend 45 AU to have a replacement support sent to me, and now that we are in December 2020 (5 months) I should spend another 85 AU (if I buy it by January, otherwise 110) + Italian taxes …
in practice, in 16 months I would reach a total cost of over 730 AU … all for a product that is not fully functional today.

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hey Bmac , i would jump on that one -

Okay, assuming @Josh is in, if we get 7 more, I’ll put in the order. I just need your size and color.

Also, my math was wrong $38/10 is $3.80, so, $19+$4+$10= It should be about $33, not $35.

i would be in for GREY in XL - Shipping to San Diego !

San Jose california! I just made a post on the US fun jumper facebook group. I’ll try to link that post to here.

I’m in for one. Let me know if you want to be the hero of the day @Bmac615 and I’ll route my order in with yours and Venmo you the $10.

Anyone from the UK looking at getting one of the new mounts that wants to combine shipping

Some orders to the Czech Republic?

Boa tarde, alguém interessado em partilhar custos de envio para PORTUGAL?

@Josh @Bamwich & @Marian I didn’t get seven, so, I’m out for doing fulfillment stateside, but, @corbinhand is our SouthEast dealer. He is taking orders and might be able to do fulfillment for you.