New Student mode and the latest update?

Okay, so I downloaded the new update and I now see a new Student mode.

Are there any details about this new feature? Or a list of what the latest update contains?

I put the Student Mode on right after downloading the latest update and there is a big yellow box which pops out on the Home page with the altimeter showing 0m and a status: “Ready to Flight”.
This has been added -I’m pretty sure- due to some feedbacks dealing with checkings before getting on the plane. In some DZ e.g. in France, technical supervisors in charge of pre-flight checkings ask to see the altimeter set on 0 meters and some supervisors could be really sceptical about the Dekunu, as there was no indication on the Home page that the altimeter was set up to 0 meters -I had to make a couple of jumps with two altimeters in my DZ to prove that the Dekunu was working well…
I don’t know if something happens in Plane Mode, during Freefall and on Canopy Mode… I’ll test it this weekend to see! Or @Tracy: do you have information about what happens in Plane Mode, during Freefall and on Canopy Mode when Student Mode is activated?

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@Julien Student mode is a limited function mode that will only display the altitude (like the normal freefall mode) for the whole jump from takeoff to landing.


@joedyson Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem at all :slight_smile:

@Joe You can find the release notes here 🔔 Device Firmware Release - v5.8.3 (2019-05-14) :smiley: