🔔 Device Firmware Release - v5.8.3 (2019-05-14)

It’s finally here, the latest publicly available firmware release. Version 5.8.3

Turn your devices on, connect to wifi and follow the prompts to install.


  • New intuitive flight dashboard
    • Large visual flight metric indicators
    • Ground speed speedometer
    • Plane heading compass
    • Plane climb rate scale
    • Time to height display
    • Distance to the spot
    • Takeoff direction
    • GPS improvements in Plane Mode
  • New user-friendly settings layout
  • Student Mode
  • All new metric calculation algorithms
  • Device auto switch-off if unused for 12 hours
  • Distance to landing are shown on home screen
  • Improved algorithms for detecting takeoff/exit/deployment
  • Improvements to battery life
  • QR code with link to access jump in Cloud

Bug Fixes

  • Plane mode > previous jump - DZ shown correctly
  • Plane mode > right arrow relocated
  • Magnetic declination added to GPS angle
  • Complex password issues resolved
  • Green screen bugs
  • Red screen bugs
  • Wifi password bug fix
  • Dropzone ‘null’ bug fix
  • Log book - empty jumplog created and populated once metrics calculated
  • Pop-up ‘jumplog not ready yet’ while metric is calculated
  • Deployment detection corrected when small canopy in use
  • Device returns to plane mode when false exit detected
  • Device settings > back button fixed
  • SD card power disconnected when entering standby
  • GPS in power saving mode when device on standby


Hi, I’ve been getting the " STATUS Waiting for jumplogs to finish uploading " message since my last jump. This is preventing me from downloading the firmware release. All my jumps have been uploaded and verified into the Cloud and I have rebooted and turned the ONE off to no avail.

I kept looking around and discovered that under the Sync section there is a Sylog file upload attempt which I believe is whar’s causing this endless uploading loop. I suspended the upload by pressing the Suspend button and was able to proceed with the Firmware update. After the altimeter rebooted, the Sylsog upload attempt loop resumed.


Syslog file was able to sync. Issue resolved.

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Awesome… Can’t wait to try it out! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I have been jumping it all day, today and the plane screen is very nice and has a lot of valuable information. It’s also easy to read. Great improvement.
Keep up the good work.


I’m going to put a jump on it here shortly


Been jumping with the new Firmware now for some days and it’s pretty sweet. The new battery improvements are massive.

Stilling missing one very important function for us Norwegians :wink: ALTITUDE OFFSET for LZ. We do different innhops almost every week, and there is almost always a height difference at our destination. Example Innhopp at Finse… Which is 3740ft higher than Skydive Voss.

Logged the jump and tagged it for review for you guys. I hope you’re going to add that very basic function soon.


It seems the new algorithms are working much better.
Nice plane screen.
Didn’t pay attention to the battery.


Hi @Shady - we totally agree. This feature was created during v5.x development but we did not have enough opportunities to test jump it so opted to remove it from that release. However, it is due for release in v6.1 which will, if all goes to plan, be ready for public consumption within a month. Just in time for all those European summer innhops


So far so good! I am getting far better GPS in the plane and the battery life is much better. Thanks!


GREAT UPDATE! Since having one since first release this company has knocked it out of the park with this support along the way. I remember the ever so buggy device early on. Now I don’t even wear a backup device. Have been relying strictly on this other than an audible. I LOVE this altimeter. Now if I can just get the Rest API so I can write my own python code against it, I’ll be in great shape.


I’m not able to get the update. It just keeps checking . I also have 18 jumps that haven’t synced over the past 2 weeks .

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@ddettloff I sent you an email with some instructions

It would be nice to play with the API :slight_smile:

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I was able to sniff some REST stuff via my router packet capture, but without documentation, it’s not possible to fully use it.

Mine is stuck…doesnt seem to be completing the update. No jumplogs to upload, but the status says waiting for jumplogs to finish uploading

I tried suspending the jumplog but that didnt work either

Hey @Parachut3Panda,
check your inbox in 5 minutes, I will send you an email with some instructions