New Firmware b4 the weekend?

Hey Dekunu team,

I know you are heavily working and testing to improve the device, thanks for that and the blood and sweat it takes.

But can we expect a new firmware release before the weekend?
That would be extremely great.

BR, Bruce


@Bruce I will see if it is possible, we are so so close to releasing, the plan was to put more test jumps on the firmware but weather has prevented that for most of this week. If its possible to release the fw early I will let you know.

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maybe release it as an optional beta? I understand that you want a certain level of quality before a full release… but if you gave the files for those tech savy enough to update manually and aware of the risks?

Crazy world … somes do complain, that the SW is not tested properly, other ask for untested SW updates just to get it. :smiley:

Whatever the team does, they can only do it wrong.



Rule of thirds… 1/3 will love you, 1/3 will hate you, and 1/3 will be indifferent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am happy to wait for the stable release… not for long, but as of now :wink:

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Thanks for waiting guys :grin: Check out the newly released firmware details here :muscle: