MOFFAT set for UK weather station (no where near the DZ)

MOFFAT is set for the UK weather, but it isn’t near any UK DZ.

It is also set for several of the UK airfields I have tested.
Let me know if you want MET GPS coordinates for UK weather stations near the DZ I am using for testing, or what info you need and I’ll try to find it out.

In my case (Germany) is chooses “Braunsfeld” as weather location, which is more than 60 Km far away from anything. What is the bases for the device to choose a weather location?

Hahaaaaaa … now I got it! The weather location relies on the GPS coordinates of the chosen DZ. As @brent and the team updated the GPS data for my DZ, now the weather is shown for the correct location. Before updating the data, the device did show the weather for “Braunsfeld”, which was the wrong GPS position of the DZ before the update.

I am sooooo inteligent …


Very good :facepunch:
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