No options for Current Landing Area

My Current DZ is set to Skydive Danielson and the dropdown for Current Landing Area opens and contains no options except “select landing area”. Is mapping of the landing areas crowdsourced to the users? If not, how soon can we expect landing areas for our DZs to be mapped? Is it based on the priority we assign to our Regular DZs?

Hi @lamealex4 - You’re correct about the crowdsourcing and priorities. At this stage we do not have accurate landing area locations for all 1,000 dropzones but as more device owners start using their Dekunu Cloud we are updating the landing areas. The crowdsourcing capacity will be opened in the near future… once we have ironed out a few procedural issues with certain dropzones. If you point out the landing areas for Skydive Danielson here I will add them as landing areas manually for you

Hi @brent, I figured mapping landing areas would would be a pretty labor intensive task. Here are the GPS coordinates for our pea pit and a nice little map with an overlay.

Lat/Long: 41.82278981008103, -71.90081381288587!
Main landing area: "Land Here!!"
Alternate landing area: “Secondary”


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Hey @lamealex4 - you legend, thanks for the quick response and detailed map. I’ve added 2 landing areas for Skydive Danielson. Refresh your profile edit page and you will see them

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@brent Damn you’re quick, thank you. I have good news and weird news.
Good news, I saw both landing areas and was able to select one and save my profile.
Weird news, my Regular DZ list now contains almost every DZ in alphabetical order.

Well, that was awkward. Bug fixed, your regular dropzones no longer contain every dz… unless you want it to :slight_smile:

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Maybe, this is also an interesting DZ - The landing area is a few miles away from the airport (EBZW).

Belgium- Skydive Flanders - DZ Zwartberg
coordinates middle of the Landing area (red): 51.036867, 5.526046

Thanks @stirre - I have added this landing area

@brent Can I ask for the following landing areas to be added for the UK dropzones;

Middle Landing Area;
54.766000, -1.385654

Exp Landing Area;
54.119328, -0.239917

Students Landing Area;
54.121196, -0.235356

Exp Landing Area;
53.500327, -0.521900

Middle Landing Area;
53.498365, -0.516825

Hey @SkydiveNow - I have added those landing areas for you

@brent, may I ask to adjust the following settings for the DZ “Fallschirmsport Skyfun / Skydive-Binz”?

Adress: Flugplatz Dahlemer-Binz Halle 4, 53949 Dahlem
Phone: +49 (0) 2158 - 800 400

DZ: 50.406822, 6.536232
Center of landing area: 50.402934, 6.535458

@Brent Hey Please adjust skydive Qatar, its 27.8 km of.

Skydive Qatar main building Location:
Latitude: 25.701188°
Longitude: 51.361134°

Pro Landing Area
Latitude: 25.700142°
Longitude: 51.360474°

Students Landing Area:
Latitude: 25.698463°
Longitude: 51.359233°

Thank you :slight_smile: These details have been updated and landing area added

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Hey @timmmorell - thanks for these details. I’ve updated the database for you

Thanks @brent for adding it!

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@brent Two more pretty please.
USA - Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.
Pea Pit: 41.922184, -72.458257

  1. Main Landing Area

USA - Skydive New England
Pea Pit: 43.371184, -70.925966

  1. Experienced/Tandem Landing Area
  2. Student/Experienced Landing Area

@Brent Awesome sauce!

Please fine attached the google maps image and google maps datum WGS coordinates for SKydive Sibson in the UK

DZ (Manifest) 52.555024,- 0.388853

PLA (Landing area) 52.560672, -0.395830

Please note also that

Skydive Sibson
UK Parachuting Sibson
& Peterborough Parachuting center are all the same place.

If Andrey from spot assist is unable to help, I would be willing to assist with a couple more UK DZ’s if that would be of any help to you.


My one is in the mail should have it soon but i was wondering if you could add the landing area for skydive twincites in Baldwin Wisconsin so its there when I get it. The coordinates for the main landing are are
latitude 44.9645 longitude -92.3912

I am waiting for mine to come in, but wanted to see if you can add following landing areas:

DZ: Sky’s The Limit

Main Landing Area (white on image): 41.03563, -75.15978
High Performance Landing Area (red on image): 41.03663, -75.15648