Log book disappeared

First jump at Carolinafest Boogie and the jump did not log and it removed all previous jumps I had on it. It is now showing jump #1 on main page. I checked on the cloud and it did not show the jump there so no sync. It is showing Skydive Carolina as the drop zone and I checked if a landing zone has been defined.

Everything else seems to work okay during freefall and canopy.


Well I restarted and now it shows all my previous jumps. Not the most current
Jump. Hopefully it will log the next one :slight_smile:

Still loving it <3

Doesn’t seem to be showing my jumps at Carolina Fest either…

Hey guys - this is a known bug being worked on - and good news, the fix is currently being tested so shouldn’t be long now before roll out. Thanks for your patience!

There are a variety of issues related to logs. Can you tell us a bit more about the fix?

Will jumps that are not displayed at all in the log book reappear?
Will jumps that are on the web UI but not on the device synced?
Will the data that is displayed incorrectly on the web ui be corrected?
Will the device freeze after a jump?

Hey @Shannon, I have a similar point, but not 100% like described in this thread. As I suppose the root cause is the same (correct me if I am wrong), I post it here:

  • The number of jumps on the main screen is wrong. I did one less than it is shown, since I have the Dekunu.
  • Once I enter the logbook, only the jumps of yesterday are shown. The other jumps are not visible.
  • While looking at the overview of the four jumps of yesterday, It says that three were done yesterday, but one today (which is wrong)

By the way: Synching took ages … Was connected to Wifi since yesterday evening. Had to shut down and start three times, and now all is synched.

Note: In the cloud the number of shown jumps is correct.

One more note: aal times are wrong in the cloud, of all jumps. One jumps does not show any time at all. All jumps of yesterday show the wrong height of the exit.

Hey @ColOfAbRiX and @Agostino good questions, I’ll have to ask the resident nerds about some of them - they’re locked in the lab coding, Tracy and I wont let them out :wink:

Will get back to you both when I’ve found out some answers, thank you for being patient.

Weird thing … you see my picture in my first post in this thread? I just switched on my Dekunu to change the DZ for tomorrow and had a short look into the logbook:

It’s a picture of the same 4 jumps, which are shown as of the same day now.

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Hey guys! New fw update is now available with logging fixes (woot!) check out the details here