🤓 List of Feature Requests

Below is the ever-growing list of feature requests and suggestions from the Dekunu Explorer Community - thanks to you, our developers are kept busy and the One just keeps getting better! :star_struck:

Load Timer
gSwoop Compatibility
BurbleMe Compatibility
Ability to separate jump type for easy counting (log book)
Adjustable Warnings (seatbelt etc.)
New Jump Modes
Heads up Display
Messsages/Notifications via Bluetooth
Additonal Formats in Plane Mode
Flight Path Warning
Flight path relative to other Dekunu users
Add km/h to Cloud
Ability to amend landing areas/distance to (inhopps/demos)
Device mount with built-in battery
Cancel accidental plane/jump mode
Navigation in wingsuit mode
Screen timeout adjustable
Fuel gauge minutes/percentage
Videos to watch
Mark for review arrows
Unit change available in Plane Mode
Add arrows to go to next/previous action in Cloud logs
Altitude Offset Feature for ‘inhopps/show jumps’
‘Time to height’ indicator
App able to choose between forum and Cloud
Demo mode to show different screens
Colour coded log on device when marked for review
Glide range ring
Spot Assist - Cutaway
Customised displays (jump/plane mode etc.)
Pilot NOTAM entries
Miles set to target in plane/canopy modes
Option to select Aircraft type
Ability to ‘drop pin’ to save personal DZ’s
Edit multiple logs on Cloud (landing areas/DZ’s etc.)
Ability to lock device screen
Add balloon jump to disciplines in Cloud
Ability to change the type of jump in plane mode
Minimal group separation on jump run based on ground speed and a 1000 ft horizontal separation
Ability to adjust screen brightness
Descent rate under canopy
easily accessible WiFi toggle button be added to the home screen
option to dim the screen while in plane mode for power saving
Ability to flag an action for review directly on the device upon landing (and/or in the logbook feature)
Ability to adjust the freefall colors at user set heights
ahrs iosd feature like cockpit view mode
Add to disciplines - Style; RW; Classic Accuracy Landing; Camera flyers
Ability to disable WiFi/GPS to save battery
Total jump number in quick stats on Cloud profile
500ft jump definition request (ask user type of jump in plane mode)
Add Jump Type - AFF Video
Device - add ‘up/down’ buttons in ‘Change DZ’
Add notes to jump logs
Jump type ‘tracking’ added
Bulk tagging of jump discipline
Disable wifi option
Option to change ‘Flat’ to ‘FS’
Ability to export jump data for video overlay
Option to manually set exit point and point of canopy deployment - Cloud
Ability to use GPS Data from Dekunu to overlay video
Descent rate Canopy Mode
Glide ratio in canopy mode to track canopy flight performance while under canopy
Social media feature to share 3D viz to Facebook
Ability to use GPS Data from Dekunu to overlay video
Compute in real-time under canopy the relative glide based on the winds aloft from the latest Wi-fi connection prior to takeoff
Customizable screens - e.g. canopy mode pre-select what data you want to have displayed before jumping

Keep suggesting guys, some of the above are now current features, there is no such thing as a crazy idea :grinning:


Hi. I did my first show jump today with my Dekunu. Loved it!
However the distance (flight mode) showed to my dz and I was jumping in town. I would love to be able to zero my Dekunu at the place where we land (when we scout before the jump) then the height in jump mode and distance and heading in flight mode will be according to the show jump area


Ability to add picture to Cloud profile :white_check_mark:

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Hi @Tracy,

may you update your list with the request of @Shady?

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For you @Agostino anything :grinning:

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I don’t see: nm (nautical mile) until droppoint in plane mode Instead of meters. I am sure it was requested yet. :slight_smile:

@stirre “Additional Formats in Plane Mode”

thx, didn’t know this was ment by it.

Grazie mille, cara @Tracy

Not everything we mention is delivered immediately. It is on the list of requests (see Tracy’s collection of requests).

Edit: Sorry for the misunderstanding, I understood you were missing it on the device after the update, as it is already on the list and I assumed you did see that it is on the list (“additional formats in plane mode”). So please ignore my prior sentence, my fault.

Feature Request for Wingsuiting: to be able to change the Deployment Altitude. (j have done 2 Wingsuit jumps with my Dekunu and both deployment altitudes (in Cloud) are wrong… (too high)


Another Request (which may not be important):

Please change discipline type from Flat to Formation Skydiving or FS. :slight_smile:


@Wotan I will feed it back but I think this is more data development than feature request. Once the data is refined wingsuit opening heights shouldn’t be an issue :slight_smile:

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Don´t think its been suggested but… a separate “exit” mark on the map so you can use the distance in the Dekuno as a aid when spotting. As of now at there drop zone where I jump the exit point and the landing area is off set from each other.

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The exit point isnt fixed and depends on weather conditions so how to calculate?
The dekunu provides some weather forecast but i guess thats way to inaccurate to setup an accurate exit point.
Or am i getting smth wrong?

Ahhh… sry, didn’t mean the actual calculated exit point. I mean the “the center of the Pitt” witch is from where you calculate if you jumping ex 0,5NM before or 0,3NM after etc…
As of now it shows distance to the selected Landing point you have chosen. (and in my case for example its a differens of ca 0,2NM perpendicular to popular jump run.

It would be easy if on the ‘my action page’ we could mark several jumps (boxes) at once and choose the discipline type. Now, we have to open each jump seperately for adapting it. But often you make a whole day the same kind of jumps.

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Ahh gotya - will add this to the list of ideas and feature requests, thanks @Irie

Thanks @stirre that would indeed be easier :wink: it’s down on the list of suggestions now, thankyou!