List of Dropzones not correct

Hi team,

when I want to change the drop zones, I also get this “strange behavior”:

A quite long list of DZs is shown, partially not even on my continent. Further more the two other DZ which I added in my cloud profile to be the “regular DZs” are not shown also not when refreshing the list.

By the way: Again my device is frozen … but in another situation, I just pressed “change DZ” on the device. It now shows only the top menu bar with time of freezing in and the rest is empty. Will reset again …

@Agostino I am having his looked into for you, apologies for the delay, the lab has been hectic busy. The tech team are in meetings all day and will hopefully have a solution for you soon.

I’m helping my friend, Same here for user #383 Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani it’s saying Aviation sport as drop zone but can not choose skydive qatar.

Right out of the box I am having this same issue where the device says “Selected Dropzone is not nearby - would you like to change?” I choose YES. And I have a black screen with only the top menu bar. Only a physical press of the reset button fixes this and then the whole process starts over.

I’m having the exact same issue. When trying to change the DZ I also get a black screen. I need to press the reset button for the unit to function again.

Hey guys, a fix will be rolled out for this bug soon, apologies for any frustrations caused and thanks heaps for feeding back to us, in the meantime if your device asks you to change drop zones, select no.
See this thread for a temporary fix until we roll out the firmware update Device freezing