Device freezing

when the my device turns on and locks into the GPS, it comes up with “Change DZ”
“Selected DZ is not nearby - would you like to change”
(True location on DZ not yet updated)

once I hit “YES” the device freezes, the only way im able to un freeze is to reset the device.
the happens even if i try manually changing the DZ on the device too.

Hi @mutley - thanks for the bug report. We’ll look into it immediately. In the meantime, please do not press “Yes” when that notice shows

I had something similar happen when I pressed change landing area…
The device locked up, but I ended up resetting it without writing down what I had done before or taking screen shots.

I had been showing the device around, so pretty much every menu, setting and feature had been opened and closed a few times before this happened, so there may be something set that is triggering this?

Happened to me as well right now.

Glad it’s not just me.

It’s getting worse now …
I do not even get to the point to confirm anything. It’s enough to press “change DZ”. Then the top menu bar is shown (frozen) and the main area of the device is empty (black). It is reproducable.

Environment: While loading via USB port on a MAC.
Retried it now without USB cable, so just an device power: Happens as well. No I am f* up? :rofl:

Same thing for me. When pressing “change DZ” it freezes, or when answering “yes” to updating to closer DZ. If you find away to update dropzone, please share…

Hey guys, the tech team are looking into this issue, we should have some solutions soon. Thanks for your feedback, one of the guys will be in touch to help you ASAP.

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Found a temp workaround and posted to new thread;

Hope it helps!


Thanks @SkydiveNow, I will try later this afternoon when I am back from the office.

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Sorry, this temp solution does not work. The new issue is that when trying to download new Dropzone’s, the message coming back is “Refresh Failed.” This will occur a few times and the the device will freeze on the Dropzone selection screen. Basically, if I sneeze it will freeze.

Right out of the box and doesn’t even work.

@SourceChild we are rolling out a fix for this bug, I understand your frustration and appreciate your patience, I will let you know as soon as the tech team get back to me.

Temp solution didn’t work for me. I also found out that I can select some DZs, not the others. But I am still getting prompt “You are not close to the DZ” every now and then.

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i get my Dekunu One today and have the same problem. After pressing “yes” for the change of the dropzone the device is freeze. Just a black display and the top bar.

I´m living in germany. Problems start with the connection to the gps. Before that the device show me some dropzones, but all of them are not near to me. After getting to the GPS i can´t choose any dropzone with out freezing.

Best regards.

Hi @Tamagotchi & @yumanskiy - please see this topic, we’re working on a fix now and will rollout in the next few hours 🔔 🐞 Device Firmware Release - v3.3.2 (2018-04-09)

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