How do you change the time?

Can anyone tell me how to change the time? I can find the 12/24 hour setting but can’t actually seem to set the time.


Hey YeahtheMooCrew,

The time is set depending on a couple of factors but should be based on your DZ’s timezone and a reading of the time from GPS. If you switch your DZ, your time will be updated to that timezone.

Make sure you have good GPS signal and you have the correct DZ set.


Mine in the uk is showing GMT+0 ( winter time)
We are now in GMT+1 and it’s not taken that into consideration, even though the DZ location at this moment is incorrect, it’s still within the same time zone,
Am I correct in reading on another thread that this is on the debug list?

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Sorry guys, I have excellent network, excellent GPS, correct DZ chosen but the time is wring by 2 hours. Interesting fact: I disconnected from the network, no GPS (so only correct DZ chosen) and the time was displayed correct. @dan, please advice.

And: While showing the wrong time it shows the correct weather information of the correct city.
Strange …

So, the offset that’s associated with a particular DZ is going to be dependent on configuration that we have. It may be that we have the wrong TZ/offset for your particular area (I saw this issue before release in Southern California - no DST). If you check the Date/Time settings you should see there what UTC is being read as and what the device thinks your time should be. If you can paste that here, we can look into the TZ config for the DZ in question.

Thanks for taking the time,

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Time settings showing GMT+0 for uk

And should be +1 did you say?

Yes mate, our clocks have moved forward for British summer time, so at this moment in “time” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: we are sitting at GMT+1


For all german DZs please use …

  • during winter time (starts on last sunday of october until last sunday in march): UTC +1
  • During summer time (until last sunday of october): UTC+2

So currently please use UTC+2



@mutley and @Agostino thanks guys, all info has been fed back :slight_smile:

Im in Georgia right near my home dz (Skydive Georgia) and it’s saying my home dz is nowhere near. My time is also 4 hours off

@Hollywood bug fixes for the DZ and time issues are on the way - thanks for the feedback and for your patience!

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I live in SA, received my Dekunu today.

Time Zone is GMT+2 here (no daylight savings ever).

Dekunu once rebooted outside with good GPS signal changed the time correctly but the Timezone still says +11 not GMT + 2.

@Hollywood Pretty sure I fixed this up, just looking at the drop zone on the Cloud and I can see there have been 2 landings there recently, are these landing areas designated to different levels? e.g. Pro Landing Area or B license and above Area etc.? See attached pic :slight_smile:

Yes the area next to the runway is the student landing area and the other is the main landing. I did notice my time corrected itself earlier :grin:

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Awesome, I added them to the Cloud :smile:

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@Wotan The firmware update we roll out should correct this if it is not already fixed from the Cloud updates i just did

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My time was correct until about 15 minutes ago. Now it’s 4 hours ahead

@Hollywood You guys are -5 GMT, correct?