Got ideas for future Dekunu features? Discuss them here

Hey @SkySrfr do you mean particular jumps like the 3D viz etc.? Social media sharing is on the roadmap, no ETA on that at the moment but we will most likely post on the forum and maybe on social media once it has been developed and rolled out to stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I think any amount of information sharing would be useful, but sharing the visualization stuff would be excellent! Looking forward to that one, thanks!

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Hey Hey, just finished updating my jump logs from yesterday.

When adding a gear type to the jump can one only select 1 item in a category? (e.g. I added a wingsuit to a jump but it adds multiple wingsuits (all the category to the jump)
Here’s my feature request: Could one select only one item in a category?

and yes I know that one can delete the extra ones its added in the action after… its just a extra step that’s not necessary…

@Wotan I just want to clarify, when you set up your equipment groups, did you create a group with multiple wingsuits in it? How groups are supposed to work is to a) enter your equipment items like canopy, rig, suit etc. then b) create groups and add equipment items to the groups based on what you regularly jump. More info here on that. If you have done all of this correctly but multiple wingsuits are showing up on your action there could be a bug, please take a screenshot and post it here so i can investigate :slight_smile:

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Hey Tracy, will send you a email with screenshots…

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I noticed on the update that I just did there is a greyed out paragliding mode.
Any idea on when this will be going live? What will be in it? and If looking for people to potentially test run it prior to full release?

Hi all, been looking for a way to add an equipment group into another equipment group and realised this may be a new feature request.

Basically I would like a group Rig (for the container, main, reserve, aad etc) and others for Summer / Winder / Camera / etc. Then to be able to add Rig to the other groups to keep the items managed together.

Adding here for reference and consideration :slight_smile: