Got ideas for future Dekunu features? Discuss them here

Aha, not just me that missed it then, don’t feel as embarrassed now :joy:


No need to be embarassed, we’ll get it to you as soon as possible.

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@mutley @joedyson
I am going to pin a list of requested features at the top of the page at some point in the next few days


Two features :

  • Show a “zero” somewhere on a screen before take-off : during check the canopy, french Director like see the altimeter at “zero”…
  • Offer different language option… Or editable file with all word/sentence to change language itself.



Good to know, I will feed that back to the developers :ok_hand:

Maybe we can see the speedometer at the same time as the altimeter on freefall.
For Wingsuiter or trackers will be nice.

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I would love to see a velcro mount so you can wear the dekunu around your upper leg.


Has anyone asked for battery percentage beside the battery icon yet? That’s something I’d like to see verses going to the settings to see the actual percentage.

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yup, it’s on the list


+1 for the ‘zero’ on the ground (and any indication if you’ve put in an offset).
Would enable me to finish my triple-3 check! :slight_smile:

(only did 2 test jumps with a One some time ago, and getting my own One next weekend, so not sure if it might implemented already?)

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+1 for the burble integration! It would be awesome as a working jumper/fun jumper to have the load timer would be awesome! Also, a gear area to put repack days and how many days until repack would help lazy people like me know im about out of date more than the weekend before!


Altitude offset is being worked on in some of the test firmware at the moment. It will display any offset you’ve set in the ground mode and plane modes too


Hi Brent,

How are things going? I am also doing a bit of paragliding and would love to do this with the Dekunu. It has all the hardware you need so it would be cool to make use of the Dekunu on my flights. I see the request was done a year ago but do you have any update on this? Is there anyway you need more input on this from my side?

Talk soon.


First off, I certainly second the paragliding/hang gliding mode and would be happy to be a beta tester for that :slight_smile:

Second, I really like the information you have available on the website for the dropzones, but I think this info would also be helpful:
1: Landing pattern direction(s), which could possibly be calculated as percentages of likelihood, based on data and/or direct input of which direction is used when.
2: Average jumping wind speed/direction (cross-referencing activity with the weather at the time would give a pretty good idea of what to expect)
3: Heat maps of holding areas…I know this changes depending on the wind and canopies and such, but could give you some general ideas before-hand

Finally, manual logbook entries would be awesome, to allow the logbook to be more complete, including jumps prior to owning it, and jumps when it was forgotten or the battery was dead, etc to fill in the gaps, rather than just bumping the number. Obviously my logbook appears empty right now, but I have my paper logbook and limited data from my Garmin smartwatch, so it would be nice to do manual entry and even nicer if I could import KML data, etc!

I have yet to actually jump with my Dekunu One, but I’m pretty impressed by the cloud integration so far and look forward to seeing where things go with it in the future!

Keep up the good work!

Hey @buzz_lightyear - yes it has been a while since this was worked on. A quick update, we developed some prototype firmware and I personally tested it paragliding and paramotoring. Super excting and lots of potential with it. We had a lot of fun working on the different UI and how it would log and analyse differently to skydiving. Also having the luxury of not needing such high data rates was great for battery performance. So we haven’t been actively developing this for a while for a number of reasons. We had a lot of skydiving specific features to work on and we didn’t want to be spreading our firmware development resources too thin.

The other reason (and the biggest blocker currently) is allocating resources to entering a new sport. This includes the legal requirements, certification, federation relationship building, analysing rules/regulations for these sports around the world, identifying and completely understanding the implications of selling products in this sport. Entering the skydiving world was a huge undertaking and we are focused heavily there. Entering the paragliding/paramotoring/hanggliding world officially will be just as big and again, we don’t want to neglect our commitments to the skydiving world.

Rest assured, the Dekunu One will be a multi sport device at some stage. As always, this will include backward compatibility for ALL devices since day 1 of selling as free software upgrades. When the time comes, we will be looking for public beta testers and you will definitely be on that list.

Hey @SkySrfr - please see my above post regarding the paragliding feature.

In response to your questions

  1. Yes it could. However, somewhat unreliable to roll out globally considering the individual rules, trade winds, changes of seasons etc. I think a better solution to this would be to encourage drop zones to update their dropzone “features” to show the landing patterns. This is currently available to them and we are working on an effective communication strategy to better educate them how to do so.
  2. Great idea. How would you like to see this implemented? Maybe when viewing the dropzone in the cloud as a table or graphical indicator for that time of year?
  3. Similar concerns as point 1 but again the same solution, a dropzone could add their recommended holding areas to the dropzone map features.
  4. Manual log book entries… we’ve discussed this one previously and for sure it is possible. Just not convinced on the value outweighing the potential downfall. One of the great things about the Dekunu logbook is that it is unable to be modified. The data is reliable. It can’t be easily forged. We do, however, have a feature about to roll out allowing users to import/export their FlySight logs.

Thanks for getting in touch

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Glad to hear you guys are still working on and testing the paragliding/paramotoring stuff, but I totally understand being focused on the primary sport as the priority.

I’m partial to the heat map way of looking at things, but can understand that getting overly cluttered or confusing. Possibly a cardinal direction circle around/over the satellite view with wind directions appearing as a heat map, weighted based on speed, and an additional “avg jumping wind speed” numerical value in the table?

I hadn’t really thought of manual logbook entries from a perspective of logbook data being 100% reliable/trustworthy. I suppose that makes sense, it’s just surprising after using so many other various logbook systems that have no problem doing that. Could this not be resolved by just differentiating manual/modified entries from real ones? That way, if it’s a matter of currency, records, license upgrades, etc, someone could say “Your logbook here says you are current, but your last jump was manually entered, can I see your physical logbook for that jump, please?”

I definitely understand those hard decisions better now, thanks for the quick reply!

If it hasn’t already been mentioned:
-Ability to turn off messages (like unfastening buckle and checking pilot chute) and/or customize when the turn on. Most of my drop zones have been 1500 feet for belts but your message comes on at 1000.
-Going with the pre-“zero” that others have mentioned and I’m another lover off, add a “force” feature to start the jump and n the plane wit an “on plane” feature that we could select which would start that timer and give us the “zero” Alti and speed checks we want.

Thanks, you’re awesome.

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Hi @Bearnessi
Thanks for your suggestions! all have been fed back.
I have also changed the seatbelt safety announcement for the 3 dropzones you frequent to 1500ft, you will need to refresh the DZ info in your device settings for the changes to take effect.
Menu > Jump Config > Dropzones > Change Dropzone > Refresh icon (top right corner) > Select your DZ again

If you need any more changing, drop them in this thread Dropzone Seatbelt Altitudes

Thanks and Happy New Year!

@Tracy, I know it has been mentioned before and I saw some replies of “It’s currently in the works,” a while ago, but am just curious: are there any updates on making certain jump pages public/sharing them on social media? Thanks!