Glide Ratio under canopy

Any update on adding glide ratio in canopy mode and/or glide ratio in the after action report along the jump timeline?


@Kitsune Thanks for posting this is in our feature requests but not been approved or worked on as yet. The glide ratio stats in the Cloud are currently under review though so hopefully that will be available soon.

Plus 1 for glade ratio under canopy. Could be invaluable for people trying to dial in their landings.


Noted :slight_smile:


…maybe let some of those decision makers know that another new-tech altimeter, that some of us use, already has a few of Dekunu’s ‘unavailable feature requests’ … so it’s not quite as if we are asking for new altimeter canopy features here… just wishing Dekunu might do it. (ie – glide ratio, distance/direction to LZ, user ability to select target at LZ)

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@charles love your enthusiasm, all of the above are coming in due course


It’s two months later and nothing has moved on this front. Can we get an update?

@Josh I responded to your comment here Glide Ratio

Adding to the request: yes, GLIDE RATION x GLIDE RATIO TO LZ. I also jump with a Garmin Foretrex 601, which has the samne valuable info for jumprun and spotting (distance to LZ, flight heading, ground speed), and the so desired glide ratios mentioned above, which already saved me from a few off landings.


Still waiting for this feature after the firmware update today… Really the only reason I took a chance on this thing. Hopefully we will get this feature before a new hardware model is released.

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Doesn’t look like it will ever be coming. They keep adding features nobody asks for, sadly :frowning: I suspect the devs just work on whatever they find interesting, instead of the boring stuff that people actually want. I’ve been there, I know how it goes. The problem is, these things are expensive so I kind of expected a bit more out of it. If it were $100 or so, I wouldn’t have any complaints.

@Kitsune It is coming, we have been working on this feature for a while now :slight_smile:
@Josh pretty much every feature added after the One was launched has been suggested by a device user at some point, we realise that we can’t please everyone in every firmware update but we do listen to everyone who gets in touch with their suggestions and feedback, the development list is crazy long. This feature in particular has probably been the most asked for from the community and it is coming very very soon, as some may be aware we have been working on it for some time. It is a pretty big feature, no corners can be cut in development or testing. Hopefully it will be worth the wait for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. Is there any possibility of explaining why it’s such a big/difficult issue? It’s literally the only thing I wanted out of the Dekunu One and I was quite surprised that it didn’t have it when the X2 did. I am a programmer by trade, although I’ve phased myself out of the daily grind, thankfully. I am having difficulty wrapping my brain around why this is such a difficult task, as the data is already very clearly present on the device at the time it’s needed. It’s a simple mathematical calculation based on distance, altitude, and time. I could write the code for this in about 5 minutes, even in a language I have never used before. So there must be some blocking element that is not obvious and I’m curious as to what it is?

It’s doubly vexing, since the X2 has had it from the get-go and, as a former X2 owner, I can say that thing barely works properly, yet it’s able to accomplish this particular task relatively well.

Neat. Can you describe how it worked that makes to so useful? I’ve looked at a few of my jumps using the data, and I see the glide ratio all over the place… even in straight flight.

Do you get different ratio numbers based on what you do in flight, ie per flight, or does it do some match to discard turns and wait 12 seconds for the glide to level out and then do averages?

I imagine part of their issue is coming up with a “glide ratio” number that doesn’t annoy over 50% of the folks. :smirk:

Hey Charles. From Garmin manual: GLIDE RATIO - The ratio of horizontal distance traveled to the change in vertical distance / GR DEST - The glide ratio required to descend from your current position to the destination elevation.

Its all about fundamentals, once you’re in the air, you’ll always have an instant glide ratio as a consequence of whatever happening mid-air. If flying flat and steady you will consequently get a more stable glide ratio read out, if pulling maneuvers, turning, changing pitch, you will get an information as rough and dynamic as all the variables you’re pulling.

So, on my Garmin unit I have a LZ ground waypoint set, which is at the center of our LZ, Glide Ratio to Destination shows what is needed to get there in a straight line, simple math. Then, current Glide Ration shows what I’m having instantly, and yes, it changes with whatever maneuver I pull on my canopy, even varies as wind changes, it will never be a static number, which allows me to even go working mid-flight with risers, toggles, body position, trying to get a GR higher than GR DEST, to get me to my pattern setup as high as possible… or, when just trying to save my ass, to get me there at all, or not.

On a more algorithmically technical note, using sampling windows, averaging, or any normalization technique (other than eliminating anomalies readouts from the device source) is gonna result in a false instantaneous info, which for the in-flight dynamics pov and decision making, it’s not useful.

Hope my reply is helpful enough… blue skies!

Photo of the unit screen attached.

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Oh, that sounds pretty neat! Thank you.

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Hey Josh, I didn’t say that is is difficult, just that it is a big feature to implement. Don’t worry it is on it’s way, hopefully it is to your satisfaction when it launches :slight_smile:

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5 months since the last response and over a year after buying this device because I thought it had this feature already. Is this feature available yet? I stopped using my dekunu last season, Ill pick it up again if this is available. Im also a prior sr level programmer and now infosec engineer, super curious why this takes so long and is a big feature. Like @Josh mentioned, the code for this is like 4 lines.


+1 for this feature!

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