Flight path relative to other dekunu users

On your own promotion video you show us different dekunu users on the same jump and dekunu gives a proximity alert on opening and also the flight path relative to the other users during free fall.
On your help/info page, I don’t find more information.

Do we have to connect the devices before the jump to each other, or is he detecting them himself? If we want to compare our individual flight path to the others on the same angle jump, we just have to login to the cloud between two jumps?

Can we also import the flight path on a map, e.g. google earth or others?

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The Dekunu Cloud portal is where you will be doing your jump analysis and comparisons. You don’t need to connect the devices to each other before the jump. Yes, you can see flight paths against a map. We’re going to be incrementally rolling out current features after you have received and activated your device.

So, let’s say, if entire plane load has the device, am I going to be able to see everyone’s path? How’s it going to isolate data of people who jumped with me, vs entire load?

Eventually, yes. Differentiation is made by exit time and proximity during freefall

Haha I can just see it. “Ok, which one of you wingsuiting morons just buzzed a tandem? Let’s take a look at jump logs!”

I have to say, it’s pretty damn awesome that it can “think” about these things.


I did a jump today with a group op people and one of them has also a dekunu. But still I don’t find our both flightpath’s in the log/cloud of this jump. Where can I view our information relative to the other user?

Hi stirre, I will send you a message to get to the bottom of this.

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If those jumps have successfully synced to the cloud portal for both jumpers you can each download the .kml file and import them into Google Earth, (either desktop or web version works). Once they are both imported you can see them both in 3D as long as both are checked to be visible. I posted a thread here on this last night but for now I’m just looking at my own individual jumps. Seeing the paths for two different jumpers on the same skydive would be interesting!


Hi Nailhead,
Thx for the solution, but Dekunu was able to show the 2 pathways yourself, without downloading information of somebody else.

Normally you should also get a warning if your openings are too close, you don’t get those features easy with your solution.

But for now, it’s a nice solution, but also means a lot of work if you have to do all that between every jump (+packing + video,… )

I definitely agree, and if I’m correct I believe they plan to add 3D viewing to the portal which would be way better than exporting. Proximity warnings would be good too, I’m always paranoid about the canopy I can’t see!


I think @stirre talks about something else, If I get her right. It is not about looking at “historical” data after a jump but more about a “real time proximity alert” when deploying too close to another Dekunu jumper (with reference to the promotional video).

That’s correct :wink:

The promotional video showed some nice features, this was one of them.

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For the full information in this topic: the feature I am asking seems not rolled out yet.

So, let’s hope it will be out soon, because for me this is an important and main reason I bought the device. :grinning:

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