Fix for flysight export

Given I am interested in having proper Flysight data and that there are some errors in the exported file, I played around a bit and came up with a little script that tries to fix what doesn’t work with some workarounds. I found it works ok and the result looks ok to me.

Whoever is interested can have a look at the script, use it and play with it at

It doesn’t require much setup but it’s still a geeky thing

Here is an example. In the orignal file the vertical speed is completely wrong and the data is very noisy

With my fix I recalculate the vertical speed using the altitude and then I apply a smoothing filter

Have fun!


so when you download the .csv file off the cloud your North and East velocities look ok in magnitude? I download the .csv file of the dekunu cloud and my horizontal velocity data is way off, like 100+ mph horizontal speed. I know I’m not rolling a=out at 125+ mph on a Velo at w/l 2.3!

Thanks very much for the python script, I’ve been playing with it, but very much new to python. I normally work in Matlab. Got your script to run and the “_fixed.csv” file weirdly has a blank line between each line of data. Flysight viewer thankfully doesn’t seem to care. but still noisy, and I’ll admit I can’t get the syntax to work to feed in the 2nd argument for number of points to use for smoothing.

there’s some weird data rate issues, altitude (hMSL) is updating at 10hz, but Lat/lon/North & East velocity all stay constant for those 10hz data points with Down velocity being 0.0 for 9 of those 10 data points, and only reported on the next even second in time.

does your raw.csv file from the cloud have all columns updating at 10hz rates?

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I didn’t pay attention to the horizontal components but now that I look at them they don’t really look right. It’s all guesswork… Yes, there’s lot of weirdness and it’s difficult to understand what goes on.

But I guess they have more general problems as also the graphs on the web panels are wrong: you have 125mph horizontally? I have -20mph vertically.

For the syntax, try --smooth 10 input_file.csv

If you check the sample csv I have in my repo you’ll see that the update frequency is not 10Hz. Have a look at the time intervals between each record.

You can send me your file and I can try to have a look when I have time. And feel free to fork and update the repository and contribute to the script.


I think I’ll work from the raw data from the device instead of the downloadable CSV and make my own conversion.

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I completely agree, I’m going to work on it from the data files directly off Dekunu via USB and not off the cloud. I’d still like to clean things up a bit to work better with flysight viewer partially so I can synch data with video.

I’m considering just ditching the velocity data entirely, converting the lat/long/alt & GPS time into NED and just taking numerical derivative for velocity components. We’ll see how that goes as depending on data, that can get noisy too.

The updates they did to the cloud seem to have helped the cloud plots, but the FlySight.csv file downloaded off the cloud is definitely processed down from the ‘off device’ data file. Improvements to the cloud have been helpful from a quick debrief sense that I can land, pack, and review the cloud data on my phone to debrief between jumps, But I’d still like to make things work with Flysight Viewer.

I am such a python noob I’d be afraid to muck up your file, happy share methods and send you what i work out; maybe it can be converted to python. I’ll admit since I use MatLab so much for work I get a bit reliant on it, Python would let me do everything on my personal laptop at the DZ vs the work laptop with expensive matlab license. Finding time to tinker is difficult, so thanks for patience, cool to try and tackle the problem together!

Also, what are you flying? I’ve been honing my 270s on my Velo103, but tried a VK96 last week and completely understand the advice my friends gave of “don’t fly it till you’re ready to buy it!”

It happens the same to me, I use python for work and tend to use it for small things outside work too. But nonetheless I still do tons on copy-paste from online code.

At the moment I can’t really work on that code, I’m busy with my life and with the main FS competition here in UK. But I really want to work on it and learn a bit of that stuff.
And about my experience… I wish to do swooping but I’m not there yet! A lot of work still! I’m paving the way for CP right now with courses and coaching but I’m on a Sabre2 170 and 320 jumps ahahahah! VK96? maybe next year :slight_smile: But I’m still curious of what I can see with flysight, I want to see how my speeds changes in relation to what I do, I look at patterns and I try to understand my canopy.