First weekend feedback

Got my One on Thursday, charged it up, activated fine, and FW update to 3.5.2 without any problems.

I did have some some issues with the micro USB seating fully for charging while still in the case, which others have reported. I popped the unit out, and at some point ripped the silicone casing at the indicator light. Getting the power button to align was also a bit tricky.

Anyway, it’s back in the casing, hit the button and the screen was off. Threw it in my bag for Friday’s trip to the DZ. It’s clear now that the unit wasn’t actually off. When I took it out that next morning, the unit was on and reading 273, the difference in elevation between home and the DZ. It had been running for at least 2 hours during my drive. I wasn’t able to cancel out of this screen, and the unit eventually ran out of juice.

I charged it up again at the DZ and took it up on 5 jumps. One jump didn’t log at all. I was seated under the wing of a Caravan, which I’ve read has been a problem. The other 4 logged and synced well. I did rip the opposite corner of the silicone case getting it back in. A replacement case is already on its way.

I was curious about the cloud sync so I tethered it to my phone. That was a mistake. The unit hit my phone hard, and zapped most of my phone battery, so I won’t be doing that again. I can’t really speak to the data load - my provider has the day at 164MB but I don’t know how much of that comes from me and how much from the unit.

At the end of the day, I packed up and drove home. Same deal as the drive there. The unit was logging my drive. I left it overnight and it was still logging at 10hrs, and no way to cancel out of this. I found my phone’s SIM key and did a hard reset. I think the SIM key will be added to my DZ tools from now on.

Other random things - the safety warnings. I’d like to completely disable these. At 1000ft, it gives a seat belt alert. My DZ’s policy is 1500ft, so instead of being able to see teh altitude clearly, I have to clear the alert to know when I hit 1500ft. I also don’t need reminders to check my gear and pins. They’re nice, but I’d rather have unfiltered information. I do like the landing screen - I think we’ll give some of those functions a go next week.

Data analysis: I couldn’t get the GPX data into Paralog. What are people using? I’d like to be able to analyze my swoops, and the cloud portal isn’t particularly interactive.

Anyway, those are my initial observations. More later.

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Thanks for your feedback, there are a coupe of points I will address for you, the ability to cancel out of jump mode and customised alerts are all on the development roadmap as well as the ‘find DZ’ and ‘Jump Review’.
The last firmware update improved the battery life enormously but we found that it also created a couple of small bugs relating to log syncing and GPS, the developers have their full attention on that right now and we expect a solution soon.

The cloud portal will eventually be able to show your jump in 3D, but until then try exporting the .kml file and open it with Google Earth. It won’t show speed at specific points in your freefall/canopy path though, so not sure how useful it will be for you.

All other points are pretty much my experience as well. The new firmware update now causes GPS to go out inside the plane and doesn’t come back until I exit. Pre 3.5.2 the GPS only failed usually for brief periods in the plane, (twin otters), but now it goes out as soon as I buckle up.

That’s a bummer. Patience I guess. Paralog can handle CSV, and that format is mentioned as “on the way.” I think the cloud interface already maps the path, but I’d love to know speed at points.

Evilgenius uses gswoop. On this moment you can use it already with a little bit of extra work. I think this will do for now until Dekunu can work on the features? :grinning:


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2nd Weekend Update: did 7 jumps out of an Otter. The 4 where I was sitting by the door all registered. The 3 where I was deeper in the plane did not.

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