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Hey Guys,

I like the idea of using the ‘One’ GPS logs to analyse my swoops and I was chatting with the gSwoop developer about working something out. Do you have documentation on what the fields in your jump log csv files are, units etc…?



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Hey @Evilgenius - you can currently export your actions from the portal in GPX format. KML, CSV and other formats are in the pipeline. There is no documentation at this stage detailing the fields in these exports. We’re developing so rapidly that any documentation is quickly outdated. Hold on for the ride :smiley:

I’ve figured out how to convert Dekunu logs and have managed to get data into gSwoop. Even had a chat with the gSwoop developer but the acquisition rate from the logs I’ve been working with is around 1-2 Hz which is a little too low for good swoop resolution. I know the device is meant to be capable of 10-18 Hz but I guess this is something for the future, maybe with the battery optimisation update.

In the meantime I have been able to visualise some cool data from the jumps themselves!

Hey @Evilgenius - great to see you getting some initial data going. The current data rate for freefall and canopy modes are actually 10Hz. Let me know which actionId you have exported and I’ll review the data

Action #8359 but I’m using this and an excuse to learn Python so it’s totally possible I’ve screwed up. Shouldn’t you be getting some sleep right now?!

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Most probably :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out for the milliseconds data. This is sometimes how conversions can loose the extra 9hz of data. I’ll grab the raw CSV log and email it over to you so you have have a further play

So I already had the raw log off the device (everything is open!) and I had the millisecond data but I’d missed that the data rate starts at 1-2 Hz then ramps up to 10Hz…my bad I was just looking at the start of the log. Will mess about some more!

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Hey @brent - I’m seeing duplicate entries in the GPS log as soon as the timestep drops below 0.1s and the frequency is jumping around during the ‘SKydive Mode’ sequence.

If anybody wants to try uploading files to gSwoop, you can find my conversion script here:

Bear in mind that you’re going to need Python installed and this is my first crack at programming so no taking the piss! :wink:


This guy is evil …

Thanks mate, we’ll look in to it. Which action ID is this example from?

It’s from Action #8359

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