Dropzone not listed - Workaround with landing zones not working

Hi there,

I took over the Dekunu from a friend and so far the device looks really interesting. But I got one issue - my Dropzone is not listed. Of course I already wrote Dekunu all the details about it. But I don’t know if they will still update the list.

So that’s what I did for now: I selected the closest available Dropzone (Like 50km away). My idea was to add an alternative landing area (which is then our Dropzone). So far the idea - the problem is in the browser I can’t finish the entry since within the selection window there is no Dropzone listed at all. You understand what I mean by looking at the attached picture…

Thought it’s maybe a browser thing. Tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox - all the same…

In case there is another option to add alternative landing spots - please let me know. Would be anyhow nice to change for possible outlandings. Had one last weekend where we landed like 15km away from the runway!

Greetings Martin

See this link to add a new DZ.

It’s been a year since I added our local DZ, but I seem to recall there was some process you had to go thru to get it to show up on your device (after they confirm adding it). Maybe another user may recall that process.

My Dropzone was added a few days ago… THX


I know this is not needed in this situation but for any other device users who have come across this, you need to add the Dropzone to your Regular Dropzone list to be able to select it and add a Custom Landing Area. There is more info on this here