Does not charge if turned off

Maybe I am missing something here. I thought I had charged mine while it was powered off before. I woke up this morning after charging all night while powered off and it was at 0%. I then pressed power button and it came right up and started charging.

Right. we experience some issues related to the battery management. A firmware update is already announced by team Dekunu. Stay tuned for updates!

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Ok, I still have FW 3.3.4 and do notice now that battery metering is not working. I thought this thing was not charging and sent support a frustrated email. I moved to my 2.4A charger and seems It is holding a charge thought metering and diagnostics show battery dead and at 0% remaining time. It has been like this for four hours and is still operating. Therefore metering is not showing proper measures and metrics. I know for sure after FW3.3.4 this metering was working. So not sure if you did an update after 3.3.4 that was not a FW version change but would be nice to know. It also “chirps” quite a bit more now for whatever reason. When charging this morning it chirped about every five (5) minutes or so.

No update available yet with reference to the battery issues. But please be patient, they are working hard on it. We can expect something quite soon. Team Dekunu cannot simply develop something and roll it out to us, as it has to be tested properly before.


I’m having these issues and more…stopped charging during the middle of the night only to drain to 0 and starting all over again…However, your point about developing something and rolling it out to is pretty hilarious as they’ve already shipped “a final product” to the end consumer. 90% of the issues being reported is debugging 101 and should be weeded out in R&D prior to ramping up to full production. Apparently tests were good enough to release, but now I’m starting to wonder what’s changed from testing to now. I’ve been patient, but it’s starting to wear thin.

With respect to the power management there are workarounds. Usage of powers applies with enough output, etc.

Blair did write an interesting statement abut it:

Bear in mind that the Dekunu team is facing the fact, that suddenly all over the world people start using their devices, with hundreds off different power supply situations, one more individual than the other one.
But your frustration is understandable, I am also a customer, like many others. However let us see this as an opportunity to be part of something big in our sport. Give it a chance and go ahead using it, report your issues and experiences to make it better every day.

But never forget to also report the good things about it. :wink:

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I posted something in another context right now:

One example just for you to better understand the challenges: How should they have known, that my Philips cable will not allow my MAC to mount the USB drive? Is it a bug? Is this a proof of bad testing? No, it isn’t. Maybe team Dekunu should have better put a power plug (not only the cable) into the box, delivering always the same output. Maybe this is a lesson learned from it (resulting in higher costs of course).

This is so very common practice; Hence Microsoft. King of releasing not ready for prime time software. This is a software issue and it will never be improved on if there is not sort of this pseudo beta community of jumpers that can provide extensive feedback. I like you was living a life of frustration. However, I flipped this on its head…and dropped it and it broke apart. Nothing happened and I put it back together and works fine. I am finding other that charging and battery issues this is recording my jump information accurately. There were some skewed data, however, I have Pro Track II and Paralog software so can cross check. This will be a good device and as a pure alti works well. Post jump analytics will improve and expand. The battery I am not so sure they will acheive a huge battery life range. The device on 10Hz GPS cycle as well as Wifi and this colorful display will not allow for much. I expect one day charging is all we will see. I am good with that. As well, I had to charge later in the day before a jump after being on since 8am. However, I just carry my charging gear and every DZ has a power outlet. ALso for AC bring a 2.4A charger. It will charge much faster, and use the USB 3.0 braided cable they sent. Cables do matter…BIG TIME. This will be a great device someday once they debug. However, they need us to provide the best updated FW we can have. I send them very detailed information on my device. However, I have used it extensively and seems pretty predictable now.


Has this issue been resolved as i had mine on charge all night while off and this didnt charge at all. any fix for this. fw updated to newest.

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@ralphm71 I will get this checked out, thanks for letting me know