🔔 Device Firmware Release - v4.7.5 (2018-11-27)

Firmware v4.7.5
Bug Fix:

  • Red screen error for small user scenario when log file in difference location to summary reference.

Firmware v4.7.4
Bug Fix:

  • Red screen error when log file missing but summary file remains

Firmware v4.7.3
This public release includes all changes since fw v4.4.6 - The engineers have been working hard to squash any bugs and refine existing features. This firmware has so far had over 300 test jumps by our test jumping network and is proving to be the most stable, fast, smooth release yet.


  • Overall considerable performance and stability improvements.
  • Log book enhancements - improved metric calculation algorithms
  • Log book - now showing all metrics even when log is not synced
  • If Firmware update page is viewed when jumplogs are uploading then show message “Waiting for jumplogs to finish uploading…” in status bar
  • loads of refactoring
  • no longer re-uploading jump summary files after conversion if it is already uploaded
  • Add support for time zones with non-integer offset
  • Added firmware diagnostics menu “Update” button
  • Additional SD card power management improvements
  • Improvements for writing/updating JSON files
  • Improved device responsiveness if server is not responding
  • Refactoring and improvements for dropzone list filtering and sorting
  • Device now aborts current file upload when a network operation is called manually (SwitchAccount, FirmwareUpdate, Change Dropzone, Change LandingArea)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the problem when the device stays stuck in parachute mode after landing (we hope)
  • Fix critical problem - in rare case an issue while merging jumplogs parts
  • user login password field URL-encoding was not working correctly
  • plane mode - fix GPS heading
  • plane mode, last jump: remove excessive creating of Log Book object, fix memory leak
  • plane mode, last jump: fix incorrect timezone offset for the timestamp of prev jump
  • plane mode, last jump: fix: zero is always showed in “takeoff” field
  • Log book list: always use timezone from jump to convert UTC timestamps to local time (otherwise incorrect timestamp is showing if log-book is opened in different timezone)
  • Activation login page: remove popup window
  • Fix for repeated re_pack download attempts
  • Fix for invalid JSON files
  • Fix issue when updating Dropzone list
  • Fix Red-screen problem when dropzone updating is activated from popup window
  • Fix incorrect jumpsum processing in case if a line in jumplog contains a fractional number with fractional part started with zero
  • Fix the problem with stopping the uploading after several errors
  • Set LandingAreaId to -1 if it was not selected after dropzone has been changed
  • Fixed a few typos (oops)
  • fix for changing landing areas: mem leaks on network errors

I get a dead red screen with the update and need to reset it. Will try again to update this evening

I’ve gotten the red screen of death as well. It’s just sitting there charging and flashing green. I would have thought the light would turn blue but it goes to the red screen after idling for some time. It’s doing this with the 4.7.4 release(and did it with 4.7.3)

@kat00 @stirre
I have sent you guys an email if you could respond when convenient