Cloud site not showing yesterday's jumps

First time in three years my jumps are not listed in the portal after upload. The device did a clean upload via Wifi and shows as uploaded. Portal showing only as recent as 9/27 and not showing my 10/9 jump or 10/11 jumps. Nothing for October.

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Again, today jumps uploaded but not listed in portal

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Same here, can’t see my jumps

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Hi Guys,
Everyone will be having similar issues at the moment, this is the start of the new cloud update.
I noticed this myself today with mine and another unit too, I have had a chat with the guys in the office today,
" we are currently reprocessing every single action in the cloud through a new algorithm. That’s trillions of data points so it’s going to take a long time to complete."

It is hard to say when this process will be finished, but should make for smother and more accurate cloud data post jumping.

I shall try and keep you posted when we get more information as to when this will all be complete.


Hey guys, just made a post about this here :slight_smile:

Actually will the uploaded ones not showing evenutally be listed. Are they cached?

Jumps are showing up now…


Tracy, Is the cloud not working again? Had three jumps yesterday only one showing on portal and device says all three uploaded.


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