Dekunu Cloud Update 🤓

Hey guys,
Just a quick note, as most of you are aware the Dekunu Cloud is in beta and out development team have been working on improvements to the algorithms for data processing.
We are currently reprocessing every single action saved in the Cloud through a new algorithm (that’s over a trillion data points!).
This process is time consuming and the estimate is approximately two weeks to completion. During this time, you might experience missing logs or slow response from the Cloud, but this will be rectified and your actions will be showing once the process is complete.

Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime :slight_smile:


The jumps just showed up from the weekend. Thanks.

Nice. Thank you for the update.
It sounds that if there is a recorded jump on the device, then data is uploaded into the cloud, where it’s processed and data is presented as a cloud jump on the cloud page, along with interactive data?

Implies that, if the Logbook shows a jump that is missing on the web jumps, then that data can be reworked to present missing web jump information & the interactive data?

Am I understanding appropriately?

Thank you.

@charles correct. Basically there could be some delays before any actions (jump logs) show up in your Cloud due to the major update taking place. This will not affect the device logbook at all. :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m definitely curious to see if this irons out some of the strange hovering airplane data I was seeing :slight_smile: