🔔 Cloud Portal - New Features/Fixes 2018-04-08

We have just rolled out the latest changes to the Dekunu Cloud. Lots of fun features and bug fixes to explore. So much more to come…

Change log:

  • dropzone detail page released
  • new chart for action details: altitude & speed over time
  • new chart added to dropzone detail
  • ability to add/modify emergency contacts
  • new pins on dropzone map to locate DZ and landing areas
  • cleaned map features around portal
  • some permission fixes
  • recent actions tables updated with new columns
  • dashboard stats updated
  • misc bug fixes and UI tweaks

Question on the new features. I added one emergency contact in the cloud. What do I need to do in order to have it synchronized with the device? When I look onto my profile information on the device it still shows no contacts.
ON the device it shows “relation ship”, however in the cloud I do not have the possibility to enter such an information.

Hi @Agostino a rollout is coming for this to auto synchronise, you can manually do it if you want to, just go to ‘switch user’ and re-log into your device.

Some fields are there but not active as yet and will be included in the rollout

Thanks @Tracy. I switched the User, profile data were loaded … but nothing is displayed on the ONE.
No stress … I do not plan to need the emergency contacts in the near future. :wink:

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@tracy, one more observation. Whenever you switch the user (while still logging in with my own account of course) the time setting goes back to 12h mode. You then have to adjust it in the setting section and then it remains in 24h. Until next user switch.

Thanks mate, we’re on it

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