Alti going to freefall mode after hop and pop

Good evening,
My device has multiple times accidentally gone into freefall mode after we dropped off some hop and pops. (And I’m still in the plane)

It doesn’t happen every time but a couple of times.
We are ascending, levelling of for the hop and pop, 3500 and 5500 ft and as they close the door, the alti goes into freefall mode, it stays like that for the whole climb to 13000ft and the jump, nice thing is that I logged about 9 min of freefall. And I’ve been able to show other friend Skydiver’s how the dekunu looks during freefall. Must be some fix to this?

Hi @timmmorell, issue is known and was reported in previous threads. Team Dekunu has it on its list.

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9 min Freefall? Looks like an normal movie skydive…


Add a 27-mile runway and you get yourself next Fast and Furious movie.


I did about 6 jumps this weekend and two of them had hop n pops which kicked it into free fall mode.

Here I had no problem at all…good pilot.

I’m quite sure it doesn’t have to do with the way the pilot Is flying but it has to do with the high pressure peak that occurs when we close the door. Some times many of us also get the low altitude warning :warning:️ screaming from our beepers, as we close the door. Anyway I guess they can fix this by changing the way the software reads the data, so that a peak like this will not directly put it into freewill mode.

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I think the pilot was shit, too. :wink:

Happened to me as well once. I should have checked that “feefall” in google earth at that time… should have looked like a superman trip …

I’ve had mine go into free fall mode after a hop and pop exit today, I’ll flag that when it dose upload.

I constantly exit from 15K after people have exited from a lower altitude. . Pretty much every time it goes into freefall mode when the lower altitude jumpers exit

Strange. I had a hop & pop in almost every load I jumped with my dekunu and it never went into freefall mode before I was on jumprun at 13000 or 15000 + open door.

Thanks god, you are not the one having to exit so early while your crazy pilot is still climbing like a devil … :joy:

Actually the hop’n poppers don’t have to that either. Our pilot makes a normal jumprun with levelling off and slowing down for theml. :grinning:

Any plan to fix this? It’s obviusly occurring when the pilot cuts and levels off/drops some altitude.

It’s being worked on by one of our engineers at the moment. Shouldn’t take too long to build and test then we will merge to the primary firmware



I was jumping these past 2 weekends and I had this issue multiple times. logbook in the dekunu shows long freefall times but in the cloud all looks ok. What is the status of this issue. Thing is that I want to see the heading and the speed on exit. When it is in freefall mode this is not possible.



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@buzz_lightyear I believe this is being tested as we speak, if all goes well it will be rolled out in a firmware update, I don’t have an ETA at the moment

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Changing this line would that be an option? I changed it to 1000 ft.

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Dekunu Robot says: warranty voided :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what do you mean? any changes we make on the json files warranty is voided?