WTF Screen

10 Jun 22 I got to DZ and turned on my ONE. Everything working as it should I walk out to the plane and went to check the time and I have what is in the photo. With the shut down (holding pattern) of Dekunu hoping someone in the community has some input. I did not smash the screen into anything nothing extraordinary happened.

Hay dude,
If you drop an email to dakunu teck suport they are still running andbwill be able to assist.

Where abouts are you located?

I am in Wisconsin. I did send them an email and Tracy (LOVE HER) has already wrote me back to inform me I did in fact crack the inside screen. I am super careful with this thing so I am shocked that was the results she came up with.
I will be ordering a couple of the screens to have on hand just to deal with the shipping costs. So if anyone else needs a screen you can hit me up once they arrive. The replacement is silly simple. If someone in the states has one and looking to sell it please let me know.
Also has anyone found a screen protector they like to help and try to prevent this?

I have an extra Dekunu but it’s my backup in case something like this happens to me… I can send you the screen… I have already asked Tracy to send me spare parts for this exact reason… I have a pretty big following of Dekunu users local to me now… send me a email and we can figure out details so you can get jumping with Dekunu again.

Was gonna say, sadly that looked like an impact break from the side.

Pending the cost of the screen I might grab a spare off ya. I jump out of Baldwin… feel free to shoot me a PM.

Thankfully my unit is still in perfect order minus the occasional random battery drain.

Hopefully the team finds away to source more materials. This project must live on!!!

Also, would not recommend putting anything additional over the screen as the way it’s designed it may hinder the performance of touch vs saving the screen. I would take the instance as a rare break and know you’ll be even more careful with the handling :slight_smile:

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Oh I know who you are I have sat in your car LOL picked up the cases for the ONE when we purchased in bulk.
I am so careful with my equipment just don’t know when it may have happened but it did that is all that matters.
On the note of the screen they are really cheap in my opinion but of course shipping gets you. Also Tracy told me that I would be limited to purchasing only one. She also stated someone in the states is selling parts but did not tell me who.
Thankfully we have this great community and I had someone reach out and I have a screen headed my way.
Understood about not adding a screen protector. If I find out where to get them in the states I will pick up another one to have one on hand and for sure be more careful. :+)

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I would imagine with shortages they are trying to spread what they have around the community. Manufacturing is a nightmare right now for everyone!!! That screen is quite finicky for a touch screen. If you don’t seat the edges of the case juuuust right you will get phantom touches on the screen. So keep that in mind, but it’s not hard to move things around slightly… just gotta be careful. This can be fixed stupid easy with some very very thin computer tape in the right spots if it’s a bother but not something to over think. I haven’t had to do this yet and life is good.

Maybe we will come out of this Covid world with a Dekunu2 :wink: wink wink

Hey guys, hopefully @liloz33 broken screen is sorted out now but anyone who needs a replacement part or repair will still be able to get that taken care of, parts are in short supply so sending them to people as spares is not a viable option, it could leave us with no stock available for someone who needs a replacement right away. The maintenance stations are still operational in the US and UK, nothing has changed in that respect, you may wait a little longer for replies to emails but they are being responded to on a priority basis :slight_smile:


I did drop them 3,4 emails and no reply. It’s more than a week :pensive:

Many attempts to reach someone have gone unanswered. I have a broken screen which occurred on a solo jump with nothing going on that could have impacted it. It just broke. I cannot get any reply on how I can fix my 10 month old paperweight.

Hi, Drop me a PM please, I May be able to assist,


I have just emailed in regards to my cracked touchscreen. Could you please help.

Varun Jani.