Wristmount improvement

I ordered a medium because I have little girly arms. Wow it was tight on my bare wrist. Already ordered an XL to go over my suit and now thinking I might need an XXL for the winter. At $45USD a pop after shipping this is getting pricey.

I had two thoughts for you for an adjustable wristband. Bear with me as I try to articulate my thoughts.

One idea is instead full circumference elastic, half would be velcro fed through a loop like this.

the end of the velcro would be sewn back the same as our chest straps so it cannot feed back and let loose completely. There is a name for that, a rigger would know. That way it will not let loose completely, just loosen in a worst case scenario.

The other idea is to keep the entire elastic strap, with the bumper mount sewn permanently mounted on one side. The other side would have a piano hinge type attachment on the bumper mount with corresponding piano hinge type sewn into the elastic for it to match up to. The elastic wrist band on the side would have multiple mounting points so you mount it where needed for the appropriate size and fold the excess elastic under and out of the way. Stays a full circumference band so if the hinge broke, it would loosen but not come off completely.

Does that make sense? Sorry if I did not explain it well. I tend to tinker and design improvements where I see deficiencies. Drives my wife crazy.
Then you have a size range accomplished by one wristmount and can accomodate changing seasons and clothing adjustments.


Hi @ToddW thanks so much for sending through your ideas! We love people who like to tinker and suggest new things so no worries at all :wink: we’ll pass them onto the design team here, as they are working on new mounts and adjustable ones.

Hey @ToddW - thanks for the input, love the feedback. The next iteration of wrist strap designs is currently underway which will take lessons from the first design and all user feedback thus far. Once we’ve got initial designs and prototypes made I might shoot you an email for some further insight if you like?

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Sure, I would love to help.

Hi Brent, when can we expect new wrist band designs? My first one is barely surviving after less then 50 jumps on it, and really much tighter then expected.

I measured my arm and the wrist doesn’t fit. Too small… I think there is something wrong with your sizes…

Hi @boLsA send an email to support@dekunu.tech :slight_smile:

Hi Brent, did anything happen with these mounts?


Hey @Wolffy we are hoping to have a prototype of the new mount for testing soon, updates will be posted in the forum and an email will be sent out to all device users when we have an ETA :crossed_fingers: hopefully very soon

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I’m finding it hard to turn it on when it’s in the rubber case. Hard to push the button down.

I got an xxl and ran a stitch in it wear it’s best yr round

I am having the same issues…

Same, I use my gaterz to push the button. Good pt

Hey guys, we have been working on a new improved wrist mount for some time now. Hopefully we will have some news for you all soon.
Stay tuned for updates :ok_hand:


I am really looking forward to that !!!

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