Wristband ripped

Hey everyone,
so not sure if anyone has experienced something similar, but my wristband (more precise the silicone holder) ripped all the way through. I was about to exit the plane, adjusted the altimeter position a bit and suddenly the whole thing ripped all the way through. Luckily I didn’t lose it and was able to quickly shove it into my pocket, before exit.

So the worst part is that the wristband has only 100 jumps within 6 months on it, either it’s a manufacturing issue or poor quality, so I’m a bit annoyed.

Similar situation with the charging cable, first one I received had a too short nose to charge it while it’s in the wrist band, Dekunu then sent me a new one which broke within a couple months … manufacturing issue or poor quality, I don’t know.

Mine had a tear in it from taking the unit in and out. Ive left it in the silicon and havent noticed it get bigger yet. Good on ya for getting before exit!

Might be risky to leave it the silicon holder, if there is already a small tear … all it takes is a little pull on a group jump or whatever and that thing is gone imho

@Blax5123 @ddettloff Email sent to both of you :wink:

Mine has a small one. So far, it’s been fine, but I’ve been worried about something like this.

Happened to me too. Ordered a new one but ordered a slightly larger one to hope prevent any unnecessary stress on the silicone. The silicone does seem a little fragile though. Still love my device though. :smile:

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I have the same issue.