Wristband fraying

Anyone had issues with the wrist band fraying?

I’ve got about 110 jumps on it and it’s looking a little ragged.

Mine’s the same after 900

I wonder if they’ll come out with a revised version

Same here, not quite that bad, but less than 60 jumps on it. Figured pretty typical and would eventually replace once I felt it might not stay on. I do a fair amount of RW and if not in my jumpsuit we’re doing wrist grips, so it tends to get pulled around a little.

We are planning some improvements to the material used and the sewing method for the current wrist mounts, should have the new improved versions available in the next month or so :slight_smile:

Same cost roughly? Or more?

They will be the same price as the current wrist mounts. There are plans to introduce another type of wrist mount in the near future, which may have a different price tag but we are still in the design phase of development for those :grin:

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Finally a good friend printed my new mounts in abs, one for skydiving; I attached an elastic wrist band, another for wingsuit also.

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Looks like a PipBoy.

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