Wrist mount torn

My wrist mount tore for no good reason. Strange…Thank God the unit did not fall out. Now I can’t use the altimeter because wrist mounts are out of stock. Not to mention $55 for shipping on top of the cost to replace when you finally get it in. It is frustrating. This is the second issue I have had and I want to love it but it’s getting hard.

There is an awful lot of duct tape being used to bodge the wrist mounts back together around my DZ. :frowning:

Does anybody know if anybody stocks the mounts in the EU?

@Pirate0321 check your inbox :slight_smile:
@Evilgenius we are in the process of setting up with some EU dealer/retailers, one of which is in the UK. If your wrist mount has broken though, you are entitled to one replacement under your device warranty (same goes for the duct tapers at your DZ :rofl:) - shoot me an email with a photo of the damaged mount to support@dekunu.tech to organise a replacement :ok_hand:

Dude, I feel your pain. My fiance and I just had to order two new ones for that same reason. I think it’s because the chargers sent with the Dekunus are a bit shatty, but they have the longer input to where you don’t have to remove the alti from the wrist mount. Well mine is broke (charger fell apart) and the shorty chargers I have don’t let me charge it inside the wrist mount so it creates additional wear on the outer cover.