Wrist mount ripped

I have a wrist mount that has ripped in multiple places. I’m becoming worried that the Alti will fall out. Your website wants to charge me $105 AUD or about $67 USD for a new one. This seems a little outrageous for a mount. The shipping charge is more expensive than the mount! $35 USD for shipping? Does the shipping come with a jump ticket? Is there another company that sells these in the states? I’d hate to stop using this because of the wrist mount, and I’m not spending $67 USD on a new one.


Hey @jumpstick shoot an email to support@dekunu.tech with this info and a photo of your wrist mount and we will see what we can do to help you out :slight_smile:

When is the new “improved” wrist mount about to come out, waiting since mid last year :heart_eyes:?


We should have news for you guys soon, keep an eye on the announcements page :slight_smile: