Won't turn on

I stopped jumping for about 2 years (shocking, I know). Trying to get back into it, but my altimeter won’t even turn on. I’ve left it charging, etc. Nothing. Just blank screen. :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hey @xluciax, welcome back :slight_smile: This can be normal for a device that has not been used for some time, the firmware will be super outdated and the battery is designed to trickle charge when it has not been used for some time to avoid damaging the cell.
Try using a different USB cable and charging from the wall rather than a USB port or power bank, it is crucial that the USB cable is a good one, chances are when you get your device powered up it will need a manual firmware update, shoot an email to support@dekunu.tech if you have any issues charging and updating and we can help you, the response time is way faster that way :slight_smile: