Won't Start

Hi folks,
weather just warmed up in tokyo so i went to charge it up for the first time in 3 months and get the following messages

Failed to read SysCfg from SD-Card

REST API or MQTT is not configured

I tried downloading the firmware over the air but when I connect to a wi-fi network the messages repeat

I tried downloading the latest via laptop and copied it via usb mode

still the same two messages assert.


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disregard - deleted sys cfg file and restarted with great success

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Hey does your displayed battery percentage stall at 50-60% even after charging for hours? I got that problem after not charging for 3 months too.

Battery charged fine.

@skwill72 Thanks for following up with the solution :ok_hand:
@akuyihui if you are still having this issue could you send an email to support@dekunu.tech so we can look into it please? :pray:

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