Wonky data

Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I’ve tried the search, and all the things I could think of searching didn’t really turn up much. (difficult to put bug in few words)
So I did a canopy control course two weekends ago, and upon syncing my device, some of the jumps, while showing up as jumps, don’t display any data. If I look on the device, the jumps seem to have all the normal data. Screen images as below. Any thoughts?

Same problem here. Did 2 jumps today and on both the uploaded data is messed up the same way!

Hey guys, the Cloud is still in beta and work is currently being done on the algorithms your data is processed through once synced.
You should begin to notice some positive changes in the coming weeks/months :muscle:

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Same issue here. Also, Ive noticed lately on all the ones that do have data, when watching the canopy ride in the 3D Viz view, the track jumps up and down. Anyone else notice this?

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Hey @unrulystory can you clarify what you mean by the track jumps up and down? I’ll check it out for you :slight_smile:

Hope that screenshot helps!

Hey guys, just a quick update, we are aware that some logs are syncing with data missing. Developers are planning a big sweep to correct this in the coming weeks.
@unrulystory thanks for the screenshot, the 3D Viz platform is in beta so some small glitches are expected… we did just roll out an update though :wink: