Wingsuit mount 3D production

Someone create a wingsuit mount data model for 3D printers?
I‘ll meet tomorrow a friend and try to plan a model…

We do have one currently undergoing testing, it won’t be long before they go to the manufacturing stage :smile:


Hi Tracy. Not knowing what your mounts will look like. But some feedback : I am using the chutingstar wedge for my vector harness. I’ve custom my one Dekunu mount so it fits on the wedge. It works great it flight (wingsuit and freefly) however I struggle to read the screen under canopy once my chest strap is loosened… Unlike other altis I’ve used. So it appears that the Dekunu mounts should be slightly slanted inwards (slanted right if on left mudflap) to still have it very visible once under canopy. But I’m sure you guys are way ahead is usual :slight_smile:

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Thanks @gloei! Yes the current design has the device mounted at a slight angle inwards. Great suggestion :wink: We are working on having these available asap.


any updates on wingsuit mounts now that its July? :grinning:

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We haven’t released the date but I can tell you its very very very soon, we will most likely release the date in the next week or two :wink:


In final stages of testing with it @kat00 :slight_smile: this is one of the earlier prototypes…


Cool thanks for the tease. I saw one of the prototypes using the old wingsuit mount back in early january and loved it. I know it’s been close and obviously lower priority than launch :slight_smile: Thanks for the update again though, I can’t wait to get my wings on one :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for it…




@US522 @kat00 @gloei the wingsuit mount is available now :slight_smile:

Dekunu Wingsuit Mount


Perfect thank you :slight_smile:

I have a micron - thus slanted mudflap bottom. Do I give the measure of the mudflap at the longest or shortest part?

What exactly should I measure? The actual mudflap covering or from where to where?

The longest length :slight_smile:

Yes, the mudflap covering from just below the 3-rings to where the cover stops. If it’s slanted then measure the longest side :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Shannon! That is easy enough to do :slight_smile:

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Perfect thank you! order placed :slight_smile:


Hi Shannon

I see my order still says awaiting fulfillment… any idea when the mounts wil be shipped?

hey @gloei the wingsuit mounts should get shipped early this coming week :slight_smile: