Wingsuit Mode

The device detect opening the canopy during the wingsuit flight.

Please setup this mode to avoid wrong data.
I believe you should add temporisation when the faling speed decreases. You know that with big wingsuits we can have 0 vertical speed during a short time.

for example check

On this flight I pulled at 990 meters not at 1570 meters

In addition to that the wingsuit starting point is detected far to late from the exit of the plane. On this flight I exit of the plane at 4450 meters.

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All noted and passed on to developers, thank you.

Any news.

Reports wingsuiting are not reliable.

This device supposed to provide fantastic analysis tool is at this stage a simple Altimeter.

This is a very bad advertising for the European market ! !

I will attend this summer the European Wingsuit record and I hope Dekunu is working hard to have his device working.

Iā€™m thinking leaving my Dekunu device on the floor and replace it by a FlySight

@JML The team is working very hard on refining the post-jump analysis of actions, updates will be rolled out to the Cloud throughout the coming months and you should see some improvements.
Good luck for the record attempt! :slight_smile: