Wingsuit-Mode / to sensitiv

Hello there,

if i wingsuit, the dekunu regestrate the exit to early. As a Wingsuiter you are the last out and the plane lost some altitude because of the other skydivers exit.

So the time the dekunu registrate is not the “realtime” in the air.

That sucks, because that would be a nice information how long ive been in the air,…

Thats the same problem as ive got in the balloon jump.


Do you change the jump mode to wingsuit?

@Yoschi We are working on this, if you can mark those logs for review it will help the developers a lot :slight_smile:

Not sure if this was meant to be fixed in the last big update bit it happened twice to me today. I’ll flag them for review


US522 you can switch it to “wingsuit” mode in the settings and device mode, but the same problem was 2 times in skydiving mode as well.

I would do it but i can´t upload the files, maybe i can send you the “Logbook” via Email?
Maybe that would help you?

@Yoschi That would be great, if you could send them to I will have someone take a look ASAP.

Hello, I have the same problem than Yoscki.
I’m in wingsuit mode, but some time (often) the dekunu one consider that I’m under canopy only several seconds (3 sec !) after exit the plane, some time it consider that I still in the plane and start recorder very late…
I have their cases during my last session

Jump #162969 : register look correct… exit at 3050m (3200 in reality) open at 990m
Jump #162970 : real exit at 3600m, but for the dekunu, Exit at 2940m and open at 2720m (after 7 secondes) !!
Jump #162971 : real exit at 3600m, but for the dekunu, exit at 2440m and open at 2390m (3 sec) !!

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Thanks for this feedback, I will add the files to the bug report. I know this is something the developers have been working on, hopefully will have a new firmware update ready for field testing once we are able to get back in the air.