Wingsiut mounts

Hi Dekunu team !
Any Wingsiut mounts ? Any idea to attach my altimeter with out damage my device?

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Our wingsuit mount is in late stage prototyping at the moment. We’ll announce details as soon as we can guarantee production quality.



The primary reason I bought the One is for WS so not having a WS mount is (albeit short term) a bit of a pain.

Got the One delivered to me this morning. I’ve got the same mudflap as you. I’ve just removed the analog alti i had on there and have used the additional bumper I got with the unit to craft a makeshift WS mount. In essence, I’ve sewn the wrist loop of the bumper shut so it sits flat onto the mudflap and then used some Gorilla Glue to stick the now flat wrist loop to the mudflap. The One will now sit nice and firmly and flush and hopefully be a good solution until Dekunu release their own. The glue should hold firm on the mudflap but i’ll probably use some tape to provide a back up bonding just to make sure! Happy to put a pic up when it’s done (currently waiting for the glue to cure).

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Thanks Brother ! If you can send same pictures it will be nice !

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It would be really great if Dekunu released a (plastic?) housing that could be attached to an existing mudflap mount via four screws, quite similar to what Alti-2 has ( A lot of wingsuiters already have mudflap mounts, and not having to invest ~$100 into a new one would be of big help - that’s 4-6 jumps tickets! :wink:

I have Dekunu official WS mount and it could be stiffer. Tried out for the first time on Saturday, and in flight, alti kept getting bent back, making it difficult to read.