Wifi off after take off

Is it an idea to automatically switch off the wifi after take off to save battery? Maybe after a 1000ft or so.


I would also appreciate that, until all Skydiving planes are equipped with WiFi.

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Seems like an outstanding idea

Your cellphone is equipped with WiFi (-sharing) so… :wink: at my DZ I normally have reception up til at least 10k.

But I might be a good thing to turn it off IF you´re not connected to a network before you take off/ 1000feet or so.

Most of us leave our cell phones on the ground and I doubt that syncing in plane mode is possible. The less the device is doing during critical operations, the fewer errors are likely to happen.

Hi guys - the wifi isn’t enabled after takeoff, it hasn’t been since initial release - if yours has, please let us know as this isn’t standard behaviour.


To clarify this topic:
The request was to either automatically disable WiFi in plane mode or to add an option for the user to choose the behavior.

BR, Bruce

Hey @Bruce - unless there is a clear reason to enable wifi in plane mode we will continue disable it. What scenario do you think would require it?

I don’t see a use case for WiFi in plane mode, but you should change the WiFi sign to the disabled sign (crossed through instead of with !)

BR, Bruce

Thanks @Bruce - we’ll get this done :slight_smile:

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Yes, definitely as some at Cessna DZ with 20+min rides to altitude.