WiFi Connection & Logbook update

So I’m basically unable to get my device to upload the logs, and I’ve got 10 in the queue.

Whilst trying a few things, I noticed a way that a user can lock part of the device into an un-exitable fault.

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Quickly navigate to the settings and network section.
  3. Hit Scan
    My device has a network saved - unsure if this fault will replicate of devices with no network saved

It seems that every time I do this, the device locks me out of the wireless connection capability… No matter how long I wait, I can’t connect.

If you reboot and leave the device alone (requires a few seconds of patience) it will happily connect… It just seems to resent being told to connect :slight_smile:

I’m guessing there is some kind of exception that is being thrown and not handled, that is then causing it to not be able to reconnect - worth investigation anyway.

I’m still not able to upload the logs tho :frowning:

Turned the device on this morning and left it for a few hours, the jump log awaiting upload was down to just two, then pressed the screen a few times to check the network connection and it uploaded the last ones…
Can’t figure out if the pause on uploading logs is at my end or not…

@SkydiveNow I believe the wifi disconnects when the device is in sleep mode at the minute, definitely needs tweaking in the next rollout, glad you got yours uploaded :slight_smile: